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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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The Other Girl and Glyph 23

Other Girl has found the next glyph, giving the following instructions:

I got a call telling me to 'be more mobile'. Well - frankly, I was a little confused, and then I figured it out! I'll let you do the last little bit of hunting for yourselves, but you need to head to the Channel 4 mobile portal - you access it by texting Mobile to 83188. This'll get you the link you'll need to find the next glyph. However, seems that you need to be in the UK for it to work - sorry Stateside/Aussie followers :(

  • If you go to the Channel 4 mobile site and click on Lost under Downloads and then click on you get this page with the glyph code # 23: 750NZF8X


  • Code: 23
  • Date Found: August 3
  • Location: Under channel 4 mobile, on this page
  • Description: Footage of what appears to be Enzo Valenzetti, with Mr. Beardy speaking
  • Transcript: "The equation is the brain child of the Italian mathematician Enzo Valenzetti."

Lost Ninja website updated

There was a new post on the Australian site [1] stating that the same user who uploaded the A-Team Lost parody video [2] has contacted the ninja again, this time with a location for a glyph. The hint states that the clue is being displayed in the window of a comic shop in Sydney on Pitt St.

We've tracked it down to King's Comics, and multiple calls to the store from various clue-sniffers verifies a glyph in the store window with the code vou8vpnps5x which is code #24.



  • Code: 24
  • Date Found: August 3
  • Location: In the window of a comic shop in Sydney, Pitt Street
  • Description: Thomas Mittelwerk filmed from behind boxes
  • Transcript: "So now, we have to take radical action."

More codes



  • Code: 25
  • Date Found: August 3
  • Location: Found during a Lost episode recap [3]; posted on Lost Ninjas blog[4]
  • Description: More hidden footage of Thomas Mittelwerk.
  • Transcript: "So when you go in, you have to keep up the story"



Newest clip with 26 fragments in their supposed order [5]

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