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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Apollo Candy

Apollo Candy Giveaway page has changed their date/location info. Please make note that all September dates have been removed from their page.

8/24, 6-10PM NYC Central Park Summerstage

8/24 Seattle Merrymoor Park

8/24 & 8/25 Minneapolis Minnesota State Fair

8/25 Washington DC Tyson’s Corner Center Mall

8/25 Indianapolis West Park

8/27 New York NYC 1/2 Marathon

8/29, 7PM Santa Monica, CA Santa Monica DriveIn At the Pier

The movie will be Forrest Gump[1]

8/29 Portland, Maine Mill Creek Park

9/2 Harrisburg, PA Kipona

9/6 Dallas, TX (Tentative)

9/8 Lexington, KY Jacobson Park

9/15 & 9/16 Memphis, TN Cooper Young Festival

9/5, 7PM Santa Monica, CA Santa Monica Drive In at the Pier

The movie will be Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy[2]

9/19, 7PM Santa Monica, CA Santa Monica Drive In at the Pier

The movie will be Grease[3]

New gyph

The site has a new forum thread. In it, BroadBandBeatnik says "Why don't you take a tour and instead of reading into things, listen for a change." Go to and click "Take a tour." At the first stop, click on the speaker in the lower left corner - a voice speaks the new code: VACCINE.

An additional clues was in the Aug 28th issue of People Weekly: a Verizon ad on page 33 with a glyph and the phrase "Be the drama. Movies on Verizon broadband are RICHER. DEEPER. BROADER." Glyph is at bottom of ad with website. Then you go to the site, find the speaker and click to hear the clue.



  • Code: 44
  • Date Found: August 18
  • Location: Image clue found in an advertisement for Verizon. Actual code found on "Richer Deeper Broader" by following hints left by BroadBandBeatnik to "take a tour" and "listen for a change". On the Experience Movies stop, clicking on the left speaker reveals a woman's voice saying "vaccine."
  • Description: Alvar Hanso talking.
  • Transcript: "...broadcasting on a frequency and encryption known only to us..."



  • Code: 45
  • Date Found: August 18
  • Location: Jeep Compass advertisement in August 25th issue of Entertainment Weekly
  • Description: Mittelwerk speaking, filmed from behind boxes.
  • Transcript: Mittelwerk - ...without allowing for any more suffering than is absolutely necessary. (Long pause and takes deep breath)

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