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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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43 glyphs have been released; glyphs 29 and 42 still haven't been found yet.



  • Code: 43
  • Date Found: August 17
  • Location: Near some "weird sculpture looking stuff" in Sydney.
  • Description: Mittelwerk talking, filmed from behind boxes.
  • Transcript: "We all know what happened; the DHARMA Initiative failed."

New clue

When you type in "Chocolates" (a previous glyph from a Sprite ad) in to, you get "Call Tom K Yegato". If you type "Tom K Yegato" in to a phone, you get the number 866-593-4286. When you call this number there is a recording of a man saying "Sod off, I'm watching the tube". If you go to YouTube and search "rblake" you get a video entitled "The Chocolate Factory" posted by one "CHARLABEELK" (an anagram of Rachel Blake). In this video there is a person "speaking" in sign language with a glyph on his t-shirt. Go here for the video: [1]

On TLEC, a few translators have decoded this message from a very difficult sign-language message:

I'm Mel, Friend of Rachel. Mittelwerk conned Apollo candy into getting their chemists to perform some tests on (fingerspelling of doom). Hackett discovered something important but Mittelwerk wouldn't let him (got pissed, something like that) because he didn't want(like) competition. There was a big struggle and Hackett left/disappeared with Sprite. Hackett found a new giveaway to use. I need to warn/help/save people.

This relates to Apollo Candy Company's testing of psychotropics by Dr. Hackett - the signer appears to be Mel0Drama.

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