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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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HansoExposed glyphs



  • Code: 33
  • Date Found: August 10
  • Location: Posted anonymously on Speaker's blog; Glyph Poster Found in Sydney Harbour
  • Description: Black and white footage of facilities being built.
  • Transcript: "...Underground laboratories with the facilities you will need to do your research with optimal expediency..."



  • Code: 34
  • Date Found: August 10
  • Location: Found in a commercial featuring David Penuel (admin of TLEC) in this commercial as explained on TLEC
  • Description: A box that says "Hanso Foundation" on it. Mittelwerk being filmed from between two boxes.
  • Transcript: "But I promise you, someone's going to hel... [Could be Hell or help]"

The first 32 codes in their supposed order: [1]
There are currently 34 codes released.

The Lost Ninja relayed a message that there may be another glyph in Sydney, seen from the ferry "just below the Harbour Bridge on the Kirribilli side of things." According to The Lost Ninja In his latest blog Entry, R3PuX4 is the glyph found in Sydney Harbour. Should be able to see it here on the webcam once the sunglare is gone.

Apollo Candy commercial

On the site a commercial for the Apollo Candy Company is being run, with a link to its site.

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