(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies)
the JoshMeister's LOST Blog and Podcast
Type of website
Podcast, blog
Date Launched
May 12, 2006
Date Ended

the JoshMeister's LOST Blog and Podcast was created by the JoshMeister during the second season of LOST.

the JoshMeister originally started publishing his LOST insights privately for coworkers, family, and friends, but due to the popularity of these articles, he began making them available on a public blog. Inspired by The Official LOST Podcast and The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack, Josh began reading his own blog posts aloud and producing an audio podcast version of the blog.

With the advent of TalkShoe, the JoshMeister's podcast became the first live show recorded immediately after LOST airs in the Pacific time zone (although fans from the Eastern time zone and elsewhere would frequently stay up late to join the discussion). Most recent episodes of the podcast are recordings of these live shows.

Extensive notes from each episode of the podcast are available on the JoshMeister's LOST Blog.

In addition to his podcasts, the JoshMeister blogs about theories and other things he's noticed, as well as selling his own t-shirt designs. The site offers blog and podcast subscription options.

Collaborative discussions

the JoshMeister has participated in many collaborations with other podcasts and fan sites, including:

the JoshMeister was a special guest on Mother Jones Magazine's live text chat for the Season 6 episode Recon.

Several podcasters have been regular guests on the JoshMeister's podcast, including Congested from Audibly Lost and DarkUFO, Josh ("Spivvy") from The Lost Flashbacks, Matt and Steve from The Smoke Hatch, and more.


the JoshMeister has been interviewed for various media publications including Podcast User Magazine Issue 17 (PDF link), Audibly Lost (a documentary about LOST podcasters), and podcasts including No Payne, No Glory and RoneyZone Radio[1][2].


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