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This article's subject matter is parodical and non-canon in nature (but distinct from hoax and serious fanon material)
This material is generally fan-created, but occasionally from official or commercial sources.

Teoría Perdidos is a parody short created by Producciones Topo, an artists' collective based in Catalonia, Spain. Their website also offers two more trailers (Links for those are broken as of 7 Jan 2006).

Selected Highlights

Complete text

En los frondosos Bosques de la costa noroeste del pacífico habita quizá el raro y hermosos ser conocido como Bigfoot. Por desgracia la deforestación y las urbanizaciones amenazan hoy lo que puede ser su hábitat aunque si no existe no le amenazan. La población de Bigfoot requiere de grandes extensiones de tierra para seguir siendo huidizo. Normalmente viven detrás de las rocas, pero en ocasiones se muestran juguetones y se adentran en áreas de espesa niebla o desenfocadas. Recuerden, dependen de nosotros. Bigfoot juega un papel vital en el ecosistema, si es que existe. Ayudemos a mantenerlo vivo para el deleite de las próximas generaciones en caso de que exista. FIN!

English translation of the Spanish voiceover

The evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest Coast might host the strange and beautiful creature known as 'Bigfoot'. Unfortunately logging and urbanization threaten today what might be its habitat, althought if it doesn't exist it is not threatened. Bogfoot's population requires vast land extensions to remain elusive. They normally live behind rocks, but sometimes they show themselves as playful and wander off to areas with thick fog or out of focus. Remember! It is up to us. Bigfoot is an important part of our ecosystem, if it indeed exists. Let's keep it alive for the enjoyment of generations to come, in case it exists. THE END!

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Producciones Topo

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