Temporal policeman are people in the LOST universe that are placed there to make sure that people with important roles on the island make it there. Their roles in the show are to ensure that whoever they are placed in charge of are on the correct path to making it to the island.

Desmond's temporal policeman

Jack's temporal policeman

John's temporal policeman

Kate's temporal policeman

  • Ray Mullen is one of Kate Austen's temporal policeman in that he is the one who turns her in to the authorities in Australia and her extradition to L.A. ("Tabula Rasa")
  • Edward Mars is also another one of Kate's temporal policeman in that he is constantly chasing her around the U.S. and eventually capturing her in Australia. ("Tabula Rasa")

Sawyer's temporal policeman

  • Hibbs is a temporal policeman in that he lets Sawyer believe that Frank Duckett is the man that he has been looking for and give him the whereabouts of Frank who happens to be in Australia. ("Outlaws")
  • Christian Shephard is a temporal policeman in that he gives Sawyer the courage to go on with his plan to kill the alleged man who had resulted in his parents death. ("Outlaws")

Sayid's temporal policeman

  • Alyssa Cole and Robbie Hewitt are temporal policeman in that they detain him and make him infiltrate a terrorist cell to get back 300lbs of C-4 and force him to make his friend Essam Tasir go through with being a martyr and ends up killing himself because Sayid tells him the truth why he went along with the plan so he can find Nadia. Robbie Hewitt tells Sayid Essam Tasir will be cremated and Sayid tells him to change his flight to the next day so he can bury his friend, resulting in his flight being changed to Oceanic Flight 815. ("The Greater Good")

Hurley's temporal policeman

  • Leonard Simms is Hugo "Hurley" Reyes's temporal policeman in that he imprints the numbers into his head which he uses to win the lottery. In turn bad things start happening and Hurley believes that the numbers are cursed and is eventually told by Leonard that Sam Toomey was with him and that he lives in Australia and then Hurley embarks on his journey to get rid of the curse. ("Numbers")

Jin and Sun's temporal policeman

Jin and Sun are placed in the same category because Jin would be Sun's temporal policeman and vice verse.

  • Mr. Paik is their temporal policeman in that he gives Jin an assignment to deliver a watch to an associate in Australia and in L.A. ("...In Translation")
  • Jin's father Mr. Kwon is Jin's temporal policeman in that he tells his son to go to America to save his marriage. ("...In Translation")

Charlie's temporal policeman

  • Liam Pace is Charlie's temporal policeman in that he is the reason why he went to Australia to try and get Drive Shaft back together so they can do a gig in L.A. ("The Moth")

Claire's temporal policeman

Michael and Walt's temporal policeman

Michael and Walt are placed in the same category because Michael would be Walt's temporal policeman and vice verse.

Boone and Shannon's temporal policeman

Boone and Shannon are placed in the same category because Boone would be Shannon's temporal policeman and vice verse.

Ana Lucia's temporal policeman

  • Christian Shephard is Ana Lucia's temporal policeman in that he convinces her to escort him as a bodyguard in Australia. After a brief argument with him outside a pub she parts ways with him and decides to go back home to L.A. ("Two for the Road")

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