Michael off-island

I'd love to see this narrowed down more. Can we open discussion as to why the Michael off-island events are placed where they are (I'm not suggesting they are wrong, just looking for clarification of reasoning) and see if we can finetune them a bit more? ---- LOSTonthisdarnisland 03:37, 20 April 2008 (PDT)

Didn't the Enhanced "Meet Kevin Johnson" place the first suicide attempt at two weeks after Michael's departure from the Island (Day 67 + 14 = Day 81/December 10, 2004)?
  • Michael returned to his home in New York / after he left the island with Walt. / This flashback takes place / a couple of weeks after their departure.
Our timeline currently places it between Day 69 and Day 74. Since the producers have now declared the Enhanced episode info as canon, our timeline must be wrong in some way. Then again, I don't see how it can be wrong without time travel. After all, the Others leave New Otherton (from which Ben communicated with Michael) on Day 81 (about the time Michael is supposedly crashing his car if there is no time travel). So... WTF? --Castaway815 14:04, 21 April 2008 (PDT)
When did the producers say the enhanced episodes were canon? --Hugo815 14:15, 21 April 2008 (PDT)
Wait nvm I just read about the DocArtz interview on the Lostpedia:Canon page. --Hugo815 14:22, 21 April 2008 (PDT)
Well, they did not confirm it actually. They just didn't deny it. --     c      blacxthornE      t     17:29, 21 April 2008 (PDT)
They actually said they were Cliff notes, canon by implication, to catch people up on the show, which you can't do with incorrect information. That established canonicity as far as I'm concerned. I'm on a deadline, but I'd love to come back and help with this. Gotta stop goofing off right now though :) -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 22:52, 21 April 2008 (PDT)
I came up with the logic of the michael events and I've reproduced it below. As far as Michael's first suicide attempt being on Day 81, the writers can do whatever they want and we have to accept it, but its more than a little problematical. It means Ben has to sneak back to the barracks from the campsite to talk to Michael over the radio. It also means that Tom is coming and going from the Island on a daily basis. Worst of all though, it creates an almost impossible situation with Anthony Cooper. Cooper has to have seen the News coverage of the discovery of the 815 wreckage before his accident but also has to be on the Island on the right day. Its not impossible to make it work, but its going to be really tight and frankly implausable. My logic depends on certain assumptions about travel to the Island that may or may not be true. But its the best I could come up with given the limited information. Dharmatel4 17:47, 21 April 2008 (PDT)

Phase 1 Michael events (Day 69 to Day 74)

The bounds for these events were set on the low end by the minimum expected travel time to the US (two days). It was an arbitrary choice on my part driven by not wanting to suggest that Michael could have reached the US before day 69.

I think the upper bound was set by the requirements of events after Day 74. There may have been more logic to it, but I really don't remember. All these early events have nothing at all to estabish where in the timeline they fall. There are no real references to go on. We could make the range larger or smaller, but I don't really know what else to do.

Dharmatel4 17:31, 21 April 2008 (PDT)

It would have to be most of one day, for certain. Even if he's picked up right away, e.g. before reaching Fiji, there is still the matter of catching the plane to LAX (or other) into the States, then the planes across the US, with time at the airport in-between. 2 days is reasonable for all those events, especially as day 67 was already partly gone with the on-Island events. -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 22:52, 21 April 2008 (PDT)

Phase 2 (Day 75 to Day 80)

The lower bound on these events (Day 75) has to do with Tom's presence in New York. He is seen almost every day at the Hydra until Day 75 when its abandoned. He next shows up on the Island on Day 80 when he is seen playing Touch football with Jack.

Since Tom was in New York when 815 was "found", we know when that has to take place as well.

We know that Anthony Cooper was taken to the Island after 815 was "found" so it has to be in these same days.

We know that Michael's final communication to Tom takes place when Tom is still in NY, so it has to take place before Day 80.

Dharmatel4 17:31, 21 April 2008 (PDT)

Agreed, except Day 74 is the last we see of Tom, when Juliet is marked. Not only do we see Tom in the dark between Day 80 and 81, but also, the sub was blown up, preventing him leaving after that time. (In fact, we have to keep that in mind for any Other off-Island—not including the Hydra). So, as you say, it has to be between there. I'd go so far as to say we'd have to allow at least another day (making it 76) to allow time for Tom to travel to New York. ---- LOSTonthisdarnisland 06:46, 22 April 2008 (PDT)

Phase 3 (Day 77 to Day 81)

Ben is at the Barracks when he talks to Michael on the Freighter. This means the events can't take place after the Others leave the Barracks. That means the upper bound is Day 81. I think the reasoning on the lower bound was minimum time for the tom-related events in New York to happen (two days).

Dharmatel4 17:38, 21 April 2008 (PDT)

Michael flashback timing from enhanced Meet Kevin Johnson.

What is actually said is: "This flashback takes place a couple of weeks after their departure" at the time Michael does the suicide attempt with the car. A couple of weeks should not be interpretted as being exactly 14 days.

I think this should be ignored as a mistake. If it were taken literally as 14 days, that means everything between Michael crashing his car and Naomi parachuting onto the Island happened over four days (81-85). It can be made to work with something less than fourteen days. Dharmatel4 23:48, 21 April 2008 (PDT)

The first consideration, something we can't know IMO without guessing, is if time is off in the outside world and if so, by how much. I'm tending to think it's more like a wormhole type effect where the helicopter travelled for a short period of time from their perspective, using a small amount of petrol, but it was long in "Island time", so they are both on the same day and time, but the perception of time passing is different. This would allow for communication on the same day and the calendar matching the call to Penny. We'll have to wait for that to be anything more than a theory though. However, the couple of weeks? Is that couple weeks Island time? If so, M&W left day 67, would 67 would be the starting marker for the beginning of two weeks (if correct) and 80 would be the end marker? I can't see very much time passing between when they arrived in NY and Michael attempting suicide, but it seems too much to happen and still say 2 weeks. We have Michael telling the story on Day 97. We need more time markers, I think. Wasn't there a comment about the tender being taken out the first day they arrived and Naomi going out the next day, pushing Frank aside because she was more important than the science team? -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 06:58, 22 April 2008 (PDT)


Can anyone with a good recording get a date from the newspaper in the pawn shop just after the keeper says "what can I do for ya?"; it's running down the right side of the page, next to the box of business cards. -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 08:56, 22 April 2008 (PDT)

Red sox tape

The Red Sox tape shown to Jack on Day 69 has been taped over and stored in Ben's safe prior to when the Other's vacated on Day 81 (which begs the question why Ben didn't take it along with him). Does it narrow anything down? -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 09:03, 22 April 2008 (PDT) I guess it really doesn't. 09:15, 24 April 2008 (PDT)

Freighter off Island coast

We know, or seem to know (dealing strictly in Island time):

  • Day 84 - Naomi spots the Island ("Catch-22")
  • Day 85 (just before dawn) - Naomi bails out of the crashing helicopter ("Catch-22")
  • Day 94 - Minkowski tells Desmond and Sayid that he and Brandon set out in the ship's tender to tour the island while they were anchored (no specific timestamp) ("The Constant")
  • Day 94 - Minkowski also says "Two days ago, someone sabotaged all the [communications] equipment." ("The Constant") (I think we all assume this was Michael)

We can then extrapolate, IMO:

  • Day 92 - the communications equipment was sabotaged (reason: "two days ago") (cf ("The Constant"))
  • Day 92 - Minkowski and Brandon took out the tender and returned "altered" (reason: Minkowski answered the sat-phone on the night of day 91, so he was most likely not strapped down) (cf ("The Constant"))
  • Frank and Naomi's argument is prior to Day 84 (cf ("Catch-22")), as well as prior to the Kahana anchoring (the freighter was moving during the argument). (cf ("Meet Kevin Johnson"))

What we can guess, IMO:

  • Day 67 Michael and Walt leave, finding "rescue" as Ben said they would
  • Day 68 & 69 They travel to New York (via Fiji and LAX probably). Somewhere during the trip, Walt is told something (probably about Ana Lucia and Libby) which makes him stop seeing his father and begin having nightmares and start living at his grandmother's house
  • Days 70, 71, 72 (???) Michael keeps trying to talk to Walt, he buys a car and obtains housing
  • Day 73 Michael, overcome with guilt and lost without his son, attempts suicide and is put in the hospital
  • Day 76 After 72 hour observation, Michael is released, and he goes to his mother's house to see Walt again; Unsuccessful, he pawn's Jin's watch and buys a gun; Tom has arrived in New York (after leaving after Day 74) and, business before pleasure, he goes straight to Michael as Ben instructed (blah, blah, blah fight, scenes with gun) Michael goes to Tom's hotel (blah, blah, blah)
  • Day 77 Michael leaves for Fiji to board the freighter before it leaves
  • Day 78 Michael arrives in Fiji, speaks to Tom on the phone; Frank and Naomi argue.
  • Day 79 Michael sees Omar and Keamy target practicing with machine guns; Michael takes the case to the engine room and activates the bomb, and later talks to Ben on the radio.
  • Day 80-82 (wiggle room)
  • Day 83 the freighter arrives and sets anchor
  • Day 84 Naomi takes out the helicopter and is ready to give up when the helo goes nuts just as she spots the Island
  • Day 85 (just before dawn) - Naomi bails out of the crashing helicopter
  • Day 91 Minkowski answers the sat-phone (night)
  • Day 92 Minkowski and Brandon take out the tender; while they are gone, the communications equipment is sabotaged; Minkowski and Brandon return "altered"
  • Day 94 - Minkowski tells Desmond and Sayid that he and Brandon set out in the ship's tender to tour the island while they were anchored (no specific timestamp) ("The Constant")
  • Day 94 - Minkowski also says "Two days ago, someone sabotaged all the [communications] equipment." ("The Constant") (I think we all assume this was Michael)

Any timestamps which will pin this down better? -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 09:15, 24 April 2008 (PDT)

Enter-77 On The Same Day

Sayid and Sawyer comments on time can be interpreted to have these events happening on the same day? Sawyer says it is Day Four of his ban on Day 82, so given that it is day four, not has been day four the ping-pong events must take place on Day 78. Meanwhile, is it possible that Sayid's comment about walking for two days could mean that this is their second day of walking (given that it seems to be mid-day, afternoon)

Opinions? (Jamster 10:36, 24 April 2008 (PDT))

Sorry, I might be mistaken. Of the week's penalty, we have:
  • the remainder of day
  1. all of a day
  2. all of a day
  3. all of a day
  4. all of a day
  5. all of a day
  6. all of a day
  7. the portion of the first day taken off this day
Therefore, for 3 days, 10 hours, 15 minutes to be left, there has to have been a passing of 3 days, 13 hours, 45 min. I interpreted it to mean the remainder of day 77, all of day 78, 79, 80, and part of day 81 However, if you think, because it was evening of day 81, the hours and minutes were mostly passed on then, I can see why day 78 might be the better choice. I appreciate you discussing it now, rather than just changing it. If no one else objects, then I'll drop my interpretation. -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 22:22, 24 April 2008 (PDT)

Thanks for the comments. I think if Enter 77 occured on duffrent days, they may have made a point of it. (Jamster 10:57, 15 May 2008 (PDT))

  • When Sawyer says he still has 3 days, 10 hours, etc. on his nickname ban in "Left Behind", this is late in the day after the ordeal with Nikki and Paulo on day 81 which began 10 hours before the burial (according to timestamps on "Exposé". So 13h45m earlier would still have been the same day, but quite early in the morning. Then 3 days before that would be the morning of day 78. I have moved the ping-pong tournament to day 78 instead of 77 as it seems to fit better with Sawyer's time statement. Does this conflict with any other mentions of the ban? -JamesyWamesy 19:32, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

Locke's Dinner in Eggtown ?

Should Locke's dinner for the whole group be mentionned on the timeline ? Since it falls on Christmas' Eve, I think it's meant to imply that this is the Losties' way of celebrating Christmas ... --LeoChris 12:11, 24 April 2008 (PDT)

Was it the 23rd or 24th, though? I'd have to rewatch the episode. If 24th, sure :) -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 22:25, 24 April 2008 (PDT) Okay, Locke cleaning his hands from killing a chicken when Kate shows up to discuss Miles—the "you may think this is a democracy" discussion takes place during the day before she breaks Miles out; therefore, the 23rd on Eggtown. However, "The Other Woman" has Locke cleaning a rabbit, which is for dinner on Christmas day. This is also when Ben is let out, with his comment to Hurley and Sawyer, "see you at dinner", implying they are all eating together. So, close call; I've added it. 02:39, 25 April 2008 (PDT)

Ray's dead - but fine

It seems like, from the episode yesterday, that we will be seeing some timeline changes coming up again. The "he's fine" morse code and lots of dialogue between Jack and Daniel seems to point at some strange issues regarding the timeline again Its going to be hard to have a traditional timeline. Obviously we should stick with what we are doing until the picture becomes clearer!  Plkrtn  talk  contribs  email  19:21, 25 April 2008 (PDT)

I had a simpler interpretation: whoever was left on the ship communicating with Daniel lied to him about the condition of the Doctor. --Eyeful Tower 08:04, 26 April 2008 (PDT)
I have another theorie based on an interview with Darltons I saw on (can't find the exact link, sorry) They say that when the characters communicate using satellite phones there is no time delay because the signal is transmitted via satellite, it goes up from the Island into space and then almost straight down and on it's way it doesn't pass through the barrier that surrounds the island, but when they communicate via radio or via telegraph, the signal doesn't go into space, intead it goes straight through the barrier that surrounds the Island, which creates time distortions. If only anyone could find the link (it has to be recent) we would have a major support for this theorie. Malachi 12:44, 28 April 2008 (PDT)
Here's the link you're looking for:

According to the rules of our show, a communication between sat phones is not affected by temporal distortion, but if you were to send a radio broadcast and/or a telegraph message, it would be affected by temporal distortion.

—Damon Lindelof, interview for Popular Mechanics

--Maelwys 13:19, 28 April 2008 (PDT)
Like Daniel's telegraph message? That might be why Ray is "fine". -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 19:16, 28 April 2008 (PDT)

--Ironrod1960 07:19, 9 May 2008 (PDT):::: It's clear to me that the island has been gaining time on the real world since the hatch implosion. I have calculated that 108 minutes per day since the implosion puts the island approximately 48 hours ahead of the freighter. It squares with the timeline issue discussions we were having last month. We should go with what the writers have shown us in episode 4:11. There is clearly a time difference and we need to bring back the two timelines permanently.--Ironrod1960 07:19, 9 May 2008 (PDT)

Didn't our timeline problems previously show the freighter ahead of the island? This episode implies the freighter is behind the island, but it's not clear by how much time. Daniel's payload test implies the island is behind, but only by thirty minutes. Also, the helicopter seems to leave the island one night and make it back fine early the next morning. Then there's the issue of taking different headings. At this point I think it's best to assume the island and the freighter are at least on the same date. --Jackdavinci 07:49, 9 May 2008 (PDT)
The two day difference was originally established by the calender on the freighter. Up until that episode we had the island on December 26th 2004. But the freighter was on December 24th, 2004. AND December 24th is the day that Penny took the call from Des. With London being earlier in the day than the freighter and in the northern hemisphere, the day/night difference is consistent.--Ironrod1960 09:41, 9 May 2008 (PDT)

MKJ clues from Yahoo7

From Yahoo7, our official international broadcaster in Australia, the clues for Meet Kevin Johnson: "However he returned, we know it didn't take him long to turn around, as 14 days after leaving the island he boards the freighter from the port of Suva, Fiji. You read that right - it only took him two weeks for his life to fall apart completely all over again and head back towards the island, hoping for redemption... or death". I realise this is semi-canon, but it matches (the disputed canon in) the enhanced episode, so I'm beginning to think it is correct. -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 08:10, 27 April 2008 (PDT)

I wouldn't read too much into what a network or even broadcaster analyst says. They don't know anymore than we do, and in most cases don't exert as much effort working through the details as is done here at LP. Michael left the Island on day 67. Ben called Michael from his wheelchair in his secret room. Ben left the barracks on day 81. I don't see any way to reconcile a literal interpretation of the "Enhanced Kevin Johnson" caption with those facts. --Eyeful Tower 12:12, 28 April 2008 (PDT)
It's an official site, but my point was that they said the same as the enhanced captions. I don't understand how the days preclude the two weeks. Michael was on the freighter already when Ben called before leaving the Barracks. Since 67+14=81, it seems spot on that it took less than 2 weeks to come back to the area of the Island. I can't tell in the shot. Is Ben wearing the same striped shirt he has on with Locke, and later with Juliet?-- LOSTonthisdarnisland 12:18, 28 April 2008 (PDT)
Sorry if I misunderstood. What I thought you were contending was that the caption put Michael's first suicide attempt at 14 days after he left the Island. --Eyeful Tower 15:32, 28 April 2008 (PDT) Here is Ben. Looks to me like he is wearing pajamas rather than the striped shirt:
Ben radio

Ben talks to Michael over the radio

Ah. No, "14 days after leaving the island he boards the freighter". It might be pajamas. I just can't make it out in the shadows, even watching it moving. Oh, well. I was just hoping that'd give us a better clue to narrow it down, but pajamas gives us nothing better than what we had. ---- LOSTonthisdarnisland 19:15, 28 April 2008 (PDT)
  • Michael returned to his home in New York / after he left the island with Walt. / This flashback takes place / a couple of weeks after their departure.
Looks like the Enhanced episode and the Australian broadcast DON'T match up. The Enhanced episode says that Michael's suicide attempt is two weeks after leaving the Island, not that the Kahana leaves port 14 days after Michael and Walt's Island departure. --Castaway815 17:58, 15 May 2008 (PDT)

December 31, 2004

Has anyone noticed that Season 4 is due to wrap up ending on December 31, 2004 in the story's timeline? Perhaps there is some significant event that will take place on The Island that will tie in with the New Year? Creatingmore 1:45, 28 April 2008 (CST)

  • I did. I think that's where they are going with it also. -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 12:04, 28 April 2008 (PDT)

Kate and Sawyer

I added that they had sex on day 71 (I think that's the day I put it on) in Every Man for Himself; I wanted to see for myself the exact count of days between when they had sex and when she revealed she was certain she was not pregnant to make sure it was between 2-4 weeks, and thought others might want also to compare.--Andreabt 13:52, 8 May 2008 (PDT)

100 days

  • The producers mentioned recently that the last episode brings us up to "about 100 days". So looks like we are on track. They reconfirmed too that Gregg Nations is in charge of the timeline and that no one else really keeps track of it, and in fact in terms of flashbacks they often have no clue when one characters flashback occurs relative to another until they consult Gregg. --Jackdavinci 18:34, 10 May 2008 (PDT)
  • I thought we were too far off-track before the changes, and that's good confirmation that we are doing pretty well with it. I wish Gregg would clear up some of the minor points for us, but he still seems to be on "radio silence". -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 03:34, 11 May 2008 (PDT)

Faraday's Morse Code/Omar's Walkie Beeping = Same Day

Faraday submits the code, and Omar responds. This must happen on the same night, not one night apart. --Castaway815 23:28, 10 May 2008 (PDT)

The Kahana timeline and the Island timeline cannot be reconciled in any way. Causality was thrown out the window with 4x11. See the talk page for that episode. Robert K S (talk) 23:46, 10 May 2008 (PDT)
Darltons themselves have confirmed that the radio signal is affectd by the time anomalies of the Island (see link above). So, it did in fact happened a night apart. Per that, I'm reverting some of your changes back. BTW, you made it look like Frank arrived back on Kahana before he encountered Miles in the jungle, which contradicts the show directly Malachi 02:37, 11 May 2008 (PDT)
Realized that this morning. Sorry 'bout that. --Castaway815 12:10, 11 May 2008 (PDT)
Having now read the quote, that makes no sense whatsoever, for two reasons, the second one irrefutable even if all actual science is disregarded within the logic of the show. First, radio waves are the broadcast medium for the sat phone whether the message being broadcast is voice or tone squelch. Second, (a) the fact that Faraday received a response immediately after his transmission and (b) the supposition that radio communication is not instantaneous if it is not voice are mutually exclusive of each other. How could Faraday receive the reply immediately--and not long after, or, more likely, before(!)--if radio communications did not always follow "real world rules" instead of "time-travelling Island rules"? Robert K S (talk) 10:44, 11 May 2008 (PDT)
Not only there is a time shift, but it also seems to vary depending on many unknown factors. The payload arrived on the Island 30 minutes later than it should have, but Ray's body arrived a day or more earlier, when Sayid, who left the ship before Ray was killed, so far hasn't reached it at all. On the first run of the helicopter from the Island it took almost two days to reach the freighter, but on the second time it arrived no later than a few hoyrs after it's departure. The communication via sat phone appears to happen without any shift (The Constant), but communication via radio results in a day-or-so time shift. By "shift" I mean that the message from the Island to the freighter travels a day forward, but then the message from the freighter to the Island travels a day back, so for both Daniel and Omar it looks like a normal conversation. It's only a theorie of course.
Actually I believe that the reason why the time "leap" changes is the deviation from bearing 305. The more the deviation is, the bigger the time gap becomes. But again, it is only my theorie. What we really need here is the timeline based on the show alone, with as less assumptions as posible.
My point is: so far there is no reason to suspect that any of the events from Season 4 episodes were happening not consecutively, like they were shown, but instead overlaping with each other (Example: Man of Science, Man of Faith/Adrift) with the notable exception of the last scene of Something Nice Back Home, which has to happen after Locke, Ben and Hugo made camp at night and Keamy returned to the freighter the same night. We must admit the fact that the show presents us events in order of their happening (not counting FB/FF of course), but also remember that some things may travel in time physically both back and forth while coming to and from the Island. And by my point, the current version of the timeline is correct. Malachi 11:45, 11 May 2008 (PDT)

Is it not possible that the helicopter jumped back a day? We saw it jump forward 1-2 days in "The Constant." What if Keamy and Frank left the Island after the encounter with Miles, and arrived on Kahana the night before they left the Island? This would work based on what we've seen on the show thus far, and it would place Daniel's message and Omar's reply on the same day. This is my best guess.

So it would look something like this:

Day 97 - Monday, December 27, 2004

"Meet Kevin Johnson"

  • Sayid and Desmond confront Michael, who tells them the story of how he came to be Kevin Johnson.
  • Sayid reveals Michael's identity to Captain Gault.
  • On the way to the Temple, Danielle, Alex and Karl are ambushed by Keamy and his mercenaries. Rousseau and Karl are shot before Alex surrenders.

"The Shape of Things to Come"

  • Jack's appendix begins to cause pain.
  • Ray's body washes ashore.
  • Keamy forces Alex to disable the sonic fence, but doing so issues a panic code that alerts the Barracks.
  • The Barracks comes under assault by the mercenaries. Four members of Locke's camp are killed. Claire's house is destroyed with an RPG, but Sawyer rescues her from the wreckage.
  • The mercenaries free Miles from the boat house and give him a radio to deliver to Ben.
  • Ben refuses to leave the island willingly. Alex is executed by Keamy.
  • Ben disappears into the secret room in his house, entering a hidden tunnel. He returns at night, and while the Monster attacks the mercenaries, he, Locke, Sawyer, Claire, Hurley and Miles make for the jungle.
  • Sawyer decides to return to the beach, and Miles and Claire go with him. Locke, Ben, and Hurley go to visit Jacob.
  • Daniel transmits a Morse Code message to the freighter and he lies about the message. Bernard catches him in the lie.

"Cabin Fever"

  • Keamy, Frank, and the mercenaries arrive on the freighter at night, having left from the Island one day in the future. Keamy learns that Michael is the spy and tries to kill him, in vain.
  • Omar receives Daniel's Morse Code message. Sayid requests the zodiac raft.
  • Gault hands over a boat to Sayid and Desmond to return to the island. Desmond refuses to go, but Sayid sails to the beach.
  • Keamy kills Ray and Gault in an effort to make Frank pilot the helicopter back to the island; Frank finally complies.

Day 98 - Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"Something Nice Back Home"

  • Rose, Bernard, Sun and Jin hassle Charlotte and Daniel, wanting to know about the freighter. Jack faints.
  • Miles hears the voices of Danielle and Karl, and subsequently discovers their corpses in shallow graves.
  • Jin, Sun, Daniel and Charlotte agree to travel to The Staff station to collect medical supplies.
  • Sawyer, Claire, and Miles encounter Frank, and hide from Keamy.
  • Charlotte agrees to let Sun on the helicopter when it returns, in Korean when speaking to Jin.
  • Juliet, Kate and Bernard operate on Jack.
  • Kate thanks Juliet for saving Jack's life. Juliet subtly reveals she knows that Jack will always love Kate more than her.
  • Keamy, Frank, and the mercenaries leave for the freighter at night.
  • Claire follows a vision of Christian and leaves Aaron behind.

"Cabin Fever"

Day 99 - Wednesday, December 29, 2004

"Something Nice Back Home"

"Cabin Fever"

--Castaway815 12:10, 11 May 2008 (PDT)

The only reply I can provide is: yes, your assumption is very much possible and does not directly contradict the show. However there was an evidence in the show that implied that the arrival of Keamy's team back on Kahana hapenned concurrently with Locke's decision to make camp at night. Now, we have two theories about that Morse code transmission. I believe that my "shift" theory is correct because it is simlier and is based on assumtion that realtime events in "Cabin Fever" were happening consecutively, like they mostly are in Lost. But you can make a poll of you like Malachi 12:50, 11 May 2008 (PDT)

Nah. I realize there is no way to confirm my suspicions, so I say leave it as is for now. I just thought that all the evidence from previous episodes seem to imply live communication, not same-time-but-one-day-off communications. That being said, this new More Code annoyance screws up that up without making the time-bending happen with the helicopter rather than the sat phones. Couple this seeming anomaly with the Purge-happened-in-1992 stuff and you have a real timeline headache. Oi. --Castaway815 14:04, 11 May 2008 (PDT)
The easiest way, IMO, is to keep the timeline "Island time" until the dates the O6 is off-Island. That way we don't have to try to second-guess the timeline, but write when things happened on the freighter based on Island time. If we get a good confirmation from TPTB that there is an actual time split (rather than time being different only in the movement of waves and objects between the two things), then we can alter it again. There's simply too much we don't know, because we know there were times when the Island matched the outside world, confirmed by the crash date, the date Juliet saw her sister and nephew, etc. ---- LOSTonthisdarnisland 08:48, 17 May 2008 (PDT)

Status of timeline

So what's the consensus on the current iteration of our on-Island timeline? Does everything now match up given what we know from the Season 4 finale? I ask because the Naomi article still says she landed on the Island on Day 84, but the timeline indicates this happened in the pre-dawn hours of Day 85. Robert K S (talk) 17:59, 9 June 2008 (PDT)

Confirmed Dead: Post-Crash Events Missing?

Hey all!

You do an OUTSTANDING job with this timeline, and I was just wondering if the flashbacks from Confirmed Dead are incorporated anywhere in here? Like the date the world discovered the fake 815 crash, Naomi/Abaddon pulling the team together, etc.

Cheers! --DesmondExMachina 16:01, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

Yes, it's under Day 75-80.--Baker1000 16:09, 29 January 2009 (UTC)
Thanks, I'd missed them! It looks like those events, along with Anthony Cooper's car accident have been mislabeled as being a part of "Meet Kevin Johnson."--DesmondExMachina 03:09, 30 January 2009 (UTC)

Naomi's 5 days on the Island

Not sure if anyone comes here anymore. I'm a longtime user / browser of lostpedia, but I just signed up to make this post.

I finally broke down and bought the Lost Encyclopedia book out of nostalgia. While most of the dates line up nicely with lostpedia, it claims Naomi only spent 5 days on the Island (as opposed to the lostpedia timeline's 7 days). While I understand the book has a lot of errors, keep in mind that they were working directly from Gregg Nations' timeline, and in this case I think their version makes a lot of sense.

Just spitballing here...let's say "Catch 22" begins on 12/16, not 12/14, and all subsequent episodes are pushed ahead 2 days. Naomi now arrives on the Island 12/17, not 12/15. She STILL DIES 12/21, adding up to 5 days on the Island...but now the stuff that's happening with the beach camp OVERLAPS the flashbacks in "The Brig." This means that in "D.O.C.," Juliet says "It's Saturday at 6am," and it actually IS Saturday! No continuity blooper!

I'm a newbie here, so I don't want to seem pushy. This stuff is interesting to me, and I just want this timeline to be as good as possible. Kelvin's beard (talk) 12:16, September 12, 2012 (UTC)Kelvin's beard

I haven't looked much at that part of the timeline, but the very fact that Juliet says "it's Saturday" on a day we have marked as Thursday suggests we should look more carefully at this. --- Balk Of Fametalk 16:44, September 12, 2012 (UTC)
Continuing on my way through the Encyclopedia...Juliet's entry mentions 15 days "with crash survivors." This again indicates that lostpedia's mid-season-3 timeline is behind by about two days, even prior to "Catch 22." If we modify the timeline so that Juliet arrives at the beach in "One of Us" on Day 85 (12/15) rather than Day 83, that means she spends 15 days (give or take a few hours) with the survivors before the time jumps start, consistent with the Encylopedia.
I don't know where the discrepancy begins. It's worth noting that if the Others abandoned the Barracks on Day 83 instead of 81, Ben's "see you in a week" is a lot more reasonable.
What if Kate & Sawyer's trek from the Hydra post-"Stranger in a Strange Land" takes an extra day? Not a huge stretch, considering it was way of the other side of the Island. So their return to camp in "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" takes place Day 77. That night, Kate, Locke & Sayid trek off. From here, the "trekking" timeline and the "beach" timeline diverge slightly. The beach stuff remains as we have it (the timestamps in "Expose," and Sawyer's "3 days without nicknames" in "Left Behind," pretty much lock that in). As for the trekkers, "Enter 77" becomes Day 80, "Par Avion" / "The Man from Tallahassee" Day 81, "Left Behind" Day 82 into 83. And then at this point, we insert another day. As Kate, Jack & co. trek back toward the beach, a full day passes, and they get back on Day 85, 12/15. The distance seems consistent with Kate's Barracks-to-beach trek in season 4, where she leaves early morning on Day 94 and still isn't back the next day.
Thoughts? Kelvin's beard (talk) 03:12, September 14, 2012 (UTC)

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