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Surgery is a common theme on Lost, and has been utilized both on the Island and off. Most of the surgeries seen on the show were conducted by Jack, Juliet, or Christian, three characters who are best known as doctors. Also, most surgeries are used to significantly advance the plot (i.e. Jack holding Ben hostage to allow Kate and Sawyer to escape).

Season One

Boone is operated on by Jack. ("Do No Harm")

Season Two

Sarah after being healed. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")
Jack operates on Ben, while Sayid and Locke look on. ("One of Them")
  • Jack worked to heal Sawyer, who had been shot by Tom. ("What Kate Did")
  • Jack had to remove the arrow from Ben's shoulder. ("One of Them")
  • Jack attempts to save Libby, who had been shot by Michael. Eventually, she dies. ("?")

Season Three

Ben on the operating table ("I Do")

Season Four

Jack's surgery. ("Something Nice Back Home")

Season Five

Juliet tries to save Ben. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

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