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Stationzer0 was a small LOST-TV fan site forum, which provides detailed summaries of the latest Lost episodes, Easter eggs, spoilers, news and all other Lost information. It is updated frequently, by several voluntary contributors. Stationzer0 allows any members to become contributors for it's front page. The site and forums were administrated by user "VEXINGMODSTWO". As of this writing (May 13th, 2011) the site appears to be down with no return time set.

The site included a discussion forum, the "Battle for the Island" (BFTI) game, gallery, spoilers, easter eggs, actor profiles, links, character profiles, and episode recaps.

Battle For The Island

Battle For The Island is the Stationzer0 official forum game. It plays out over periods of around a month, and has currently finished it's eleventh run. The game involves skill, trust, interactive, tactical play and the ability to extract clues from messages and summaries. Think Clue meets RPG involving Lost characters. Competitors are separated into two groups, Losties and Others: the first team to eliminate the other team stands victorious. Game play usually changes slightly from game to game, though changes are explained before the game begins. Although character selection is possible, it is limited by how fast you register after the game opens.


Stationzer0 also played host to an original RPG created and maintained solely by the members of its forum. The RPG was started in August 2006 by members such as Losty09, Sun Ray, and Hugos_Brother. Contributors to the RPG create their own original character from scratch, this being one of the main rules, and tell their story through individual posts. The RPG takes place in 'days' with each thread equalling one day and night. Posts must follow on from each other to continue a coherent and developing storyline.

The RPG followed the basic storyline of the television show, as it is based on a mysterious island, concerns the stories of the castaways and their conflicts with The Others, and contains flashbacks to the characters' previous life experience. However, an effort has been made to keep the story original; this included creating completely original locations for the characters to explore.

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