"Sawyer Crushed, Ben Powerless, Sun Desperate"
Lost28 Newstand

Date Released
March 4, 2010

"Sawyer Crushed, Ben Powerless, Sun Desperate" is the 28th issue of Lost: The Official Magazine. It was released during the beginning of Season 6.


By the Fire

Sun Rising

The sun may be close to setting on Lost's story, but actress Yunjin Kim explains why her character's quest to find her husband Jin is far from over...

Love & Loss

The man behind the brooding Sawyer, a.k.a. actor Josh Holloway, takes a break from shooting season six to discuss where James Ford's head is at...

Beyond the Hatch

Enter: The Temple of Doom

Lost Magazine's Tara Bennett reports directly from the heart of Hawaii, on the set of the Temple...

Saving Young Ben

Flash back to young Benjamin Linus' surgery with this exclusive access...

Remember Henry Gale

We recently unearthed a very nostalgic image from our Lost archives...

Designing the Diner

Everybodu loves Hurley, and now you can see how season five diner sequences were created...

The Others

The Look of Lost

Adam Avitabile from Look Effects reveals how the season six visuals are shaping up...

Memento Mori

R.I.P. Patchy

It's as good a time as any to recall Mikhail's island moments...

Passengers Unknown

Mysterious Ajira Flight 316 passenger Caesar is remembered...

Frequent Flyers

The Transceiver

Lost Magazine Editor / The Lost Initiative's Paul Terry checks in...

New Transmissions

News from the world of Lost, including the final season cast photo everone's talking about...

Voices from the Fuselage

Your theories, ideas, and reactions from around the world...

Exclusive Lost Posters

Hurley unites with Jack, while Miles hangs out with Sayid...

Black Box Flight Recorder

James Ford and John Lock discover a Mr. Sawyer association...


There is another exclusive season six set report waiting for you...

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