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 Theories may be removed if ... 
  1. Stated as questions or possibilities (avoid question marks, "Maybe", "I think", etc).
  2. More appropriate for another article.
  3. Illogical or previously disproven.
  4. Proven by canon source, and moved to main article.
  5. Speculative and lacking any evidence to support arguments.
  6. Responding to another theory (use discussion page instead).
  • This does not include responses that can stand alone as its own theory.
  • Usage of an indented bullet does not imply the statement is a response.

See the Lostpedia theory policy for more details.

  • S.R. could be an abbreviation for "Subject Radzinsky". If the people taking notes were going to be writing a lot it makes sense that they would use abbreviations to avoid writing the same thing over and over again.
    • In "A Tale of Two Cities", when Karl escapes, the alarm says "Subject Escape", so the title of subject has been used elsewhere in DHARMA.
      • We also do not (yet) know Radzinsky's first name.
        • In "He's Our You", actor Eric Lange is credited as "Stuart Radzinsky". S.R. could stand for that.
  • S.R. is Swan Resident
  • S.R. could be one of the Survivors.
  • S.R. may stand for Sam/Sergei (considering the Russian Surname) Radzinsky, perhaps Sam Toomey's alias.
    • Other names with an S include Steve, Steven, Susan, Sarah, etc.
      • S.R. might not be male.
  • S.R. could be Swan Recruit, Resident or Recruiter
  • S.R. could be Stage Right; perhaps both of those events occurred on the left side of the screen and the recorder had once been involved in Theater.
  • S.R. could be abbreviation for Sawyer (somehow) S....R [first & last initials], recorded while Sawyer was recovering in the hatch
    • This would mean that the Pearl station was active up until very recently.
  • S.R. may be a relative of Danielle Rousseau.
  • S.R may have been Shannon Rutherford, who was alive for four days after the opening of the hatch. It is unlikely, however, that she would spent time down there given that in those four days only Jack, Kate, Sayid, Locke, Hurley, Rose and Desmond assessed the Swan. It was after her death when others began to use it (such as Jin, Eko, Michael and Libby)
    • The Pearl was not in use by any DHARMA member at least since just after the crash. Pablo is known to have gone down there shortly after, and he witnessed the Others using the station. The notebooks are fairly old and are most likely supposed to reference Radzinsky or no one important at all.
  • S.R. stands for Santa Rosa and DHARMA were conducting experiments using residents of the mental institution

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