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"Roxanne" redirects here. For other uses of "Roxanne", see Roxanne (disambiguation).

Roxanne was a passenger aboard Ajira Airways Flight 316. Ilana said that Roxanne was scouting south of their camp when she found the alleged John Locke standing in the water with a suit on; ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") however, Roxanne herself was never depicted in the episode. She may have been killed by Widmore's men, along with other Ajira survivors who remained on Hydra Island. ("Recon") However, she is never seen or referred to in Season 6.

ILANA: We found someone--a man.
ILANA: Roxanne was scouting just south of here, and he was just standing in the water. He's wearing a suit.

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham transcript


Roxana's ticket as seen at Lost: The Auction.

One of the items for sale at Lost: The Auction is an airline ticket for Ajira Flight 316, seat 21D, on name of Roxana Castillo.

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