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Lost is being aired in Romania as Naufragiaţii (Shipwrecked). Just like in other countries, the show has quickly become popular, catching prime time on weekends and becoming the subject of several competitions for TV viewers.

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  • Season 1 premiered on AXN Romania in January 2005. It was aired on Saturday nights.
  • Season 1 premiered on Prima TV in June 2008. It was aired on Wednesdays and Fridays, with 2 episodes on each night.
  • Season 2 premiered on AXN Romania in January 2006. It was aired on Sunday nights.
  • Season 2 premiered on Prima TV in August 2008. It is aired on Friday nights.
  • Season 3 premiered on AXN Romania in February 2007. It was aired on Sunday nights.
  • Season 4 premiered on AXN Romania in April 2008. It was aired in 2 parts: the first 8 episodes from April through May and the next 5 from September through October. It was aired on Sunday nights.


  • AXN: (channel available on cable) Subtitled, Sundays at 9:00pm. Lost returns with Season 5 in 2009.
  • Prima TV: (channel available on cable) Subtitled, Fridays at 11:30pm. Currently broadcasting the last episodes of the second season.

Connections to Lost

  • Monica Bârlădeanu, a Romanian model and actress using the stage name Monica Dean, played Gabriela in "The Hunting Party" (Lost Season 2, Episode 11)
  • Nadia Comaneci, a Romanian Olympic gold medalist, is pictured on a poster in the Flame station in "Enter 77". Mikhail Bakunin claimed to have named his cat after Comaneci. Coincidentally, Comaneci joined a newly formed gym club called "The Flame" in 1967.

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