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Robert Greygrass
Date of Birth
Date of Death
July 9, 2013

Robert Owens Greygrass plays the role of Thomas Mittelwerk in the Lost Experience. He passed away on 9 July 2013, after involving in a car crash.[1]


  • Of Native American (Lakota) and European heritage.
  • Original name was Robert Owens (Changed to Greygrass for acting purposes and in honor of the Lakota word for sage plant).
  • Lakota name is Tagniokikpeensi (Afraid of no things).
  • Sundancer, storyteller, writer, singer and actor.
  • Based in Oregon.

Other Appearances

Greygrass can be seen appearing as an extra (playing a Native American traveling the Trail of Tears with his family) in the History Channel program Andrew Jackson.

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