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Righters Untie
Type of website
Date Launched
27th May 2010
Date Ended

The Righters Untie! The Next Generation Writing Contest, started by "Dean Winchester" is a continuation of the Season 5 and 6 writing contests but from the perspective of a new series of Lost. Like the Season 6 Writing Contest, it was mostly based on the framework established by the Lostpedia Season Four Writing Contest.

Each round, scripts were submitted to imagine a community-based hypothetical The Next Generation series, based on characters created specificly for the contest and several unsolved mysteries following Season 6. Like the Season Five Contest, some episodes included a writer's challenge - a storytelling objective of some sort that every writer must incorporate into their scripts.


Encounter at Far Point

June 29, 2010
Written by
Sam Winchester
Directed by
Sam Winchester
Guest starring
Yellow eyes
Man in jungle

[[{{{transcript}}}|Episode transcript]]
[[{{{transcript2}}}|Part Two]]


[1] is the first episode of the Righters Untie! LOST: The Next GenerationWriting Contest and was selected as the winning script on June 29, 2010. Ned Pilgrim, a former art teacher, awakens following the crash of a luxury cruise liner and steps forward as a leader among a large group of survivors. An odd transcription is uncovered on a papyrus hidden inside a book, arousing suspicion against the book's owner, while a young girl goes missing, resulting in an ominous warning from a mysterious stranger.

The contest opened with the writing of the premiere episode on May 27, 2010. The deadline for all entries was June 20, and voting for the 18 submissions began the following day.

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