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Righters Untie
Type of website
Date Launched
19th May 2008
Date Ended

Righters Untie! is an online writers forum that had hosted the Season 5, Season 6, and The Next Generation writing contest.

Following the demise of the Lostpedia Season Four Writing Contest, former members came together and decided to continue the traditional contest, which ran on for two more complete contests. Following the finalé, a new contest was launched that would see the Island become inhabited once again, this time by a group of new survivors after a shipwreck. Although all three contests were initially successful, the Next Generation was halted mid-season due to a stoop in participation.

R.U. continues to produce virtual episodes on it's Righters Untie Network (R.U.N.) Post-Lost, it is now unaffiliated to any current television shows and isntead focuses on original content rather than fanon or fan-fiction. The Next Generation Contest remains unfinished, though various talks have been had over resuming it should there be an appropriate participation level.

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