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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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This transcript is a copy of conversation logged on the board, as part of the alternate reality game, The Lost Experience. The text is for historical purposes.

The official Lost Experience website housing these threads has been shutdown after the end of the alternate reality game, meaning all message threads there are no longer accessible. Using fansite primary sources, however, Lostpedia has recovered all the transcripts, and we believe we now have accurate copies of the original texts.

Thread title - Our AIM is true

Thread date - 06.27.06

9:00am Someone's been on IM again....

9:10am So? What's the biggie?

9:15am Beatnik, tell him.

9:17am It's just not cool.

9:21am You are so antisocial.

9:24am Warning! Red Light! Sirens Going Off! You people are losing your wits over here! Call me crazy, but I don't trust strangers. We are finally coming across some worthy information. I am not going to be handing it out without security precautions. I mean, you know that I can disable your AIM access with a click of a button, right?

9:27am What he said.

9:29am Ok, Ok. Hold your horses. I think everything has gone according to plan so far.

9:33am We're just having fun.

9:36am *Fuming *

9:40am What he's trying to say is that if you're gonna be on that thing, better have a GOOD REASON.

9:43am That's my specialty. DSL, are you in?

9:45am Always.

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