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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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This transcript is a copy of conversation logged on the board, as part of the alternate reality game, The Lost Experience. The text is for historical purposes.

The official Lost Experience website housing these threads has been shutdown after the end of the alternate reality game, meaning all message threads there are no longer accessible. Using fansite primary sources, however, Lostpedia has recovered all the transcripts, and we believe we now have accurate copies of the original texts.

Thread title - If you don't get it, you don't get it

Thread date - 06.26.06

3:40pm If anyone is listening?

3:43pm Ok. So here's the giggity.

3:44pm You mean the skinny?

3:46pm AKA the complete slender.

3:48pm Ok, this week we'll be asking the questions.

3:53pm Well actually they're hints.

3:57pm Yeah... hints to a clue that will lead you to a clue. The answers are words that are right in front of your face on the pages of Now I know some of you are already moaning, “corporate shill!” and to that I say, “HEY... this is where we work. It's where we can do what we gotta do on the DL.” If we worked at Happy Larry's Chicken & Waffles, you can bet we'd be sending you there.

4:06pm Chilax DSL.

4:10pm Chilax?

4:15pm It's his new word.

4:16pm Chill + relax = NEW WORD that will be everywhere real soon.

4:19pm I hope not.

4:21pm For security reasons, we'll be posting these hints in a lot of different places and you gotta find them. Then you gotta find the words that answer them. Once you get them all, and we mean all, you can use them.

4:24pm So basically y'all gotta be on the lookout daily for a hint to where to find the hint that will lead you to a clue that will lead you to a clue to THE CLUE.

4:30pm Ok then.... The first word in the first song in Cabaret.

4:36pm Yeah, that's like transparent.

4:38pm Quit with the sarcasm.

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