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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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This transcript is a copy of conversation logged on the board, as part of the alternate reality game, The Lost Experience. The text is for historical purposes.

The official Lost Experience website housing these threads has been shutdown after the end of the alternate reality game, meaning all message threads there are no longer accessible. Using fansite primary sources, however, Lostpedia has recovered all the transcripts, and we believe we now have accurate copies of the original texts.

Thread title - Too legit to quit

Thread date - 06.14.06

12:14pm Sorry for the title. It seemed apropos. Because.. OUR RESISTANCE IS NOW LEGIT.

12:20pm We get it. You like bad music.

12:23pm Please DSL, don't hurt him.

12:31pm DJ Dan has made contact.

12:33pm Shut your mouth!

12:35pm But he's talkin bout DJ Dan.

12:42pm Is nothing serious to you Fiber?

12:46pm He's into our struggle and wants us to help him get the word out about Hanso. He's even given us the unique honor of posting one of his podcasts.

12:58pm Ok. That is cool.

1:01pm Its official: We are for real! What's it about?

1:04pm Post it so we can check it out.

1:06pm This is some crazy stuff. Electromagnetism, robots, mind control, and East Asia.

1:09pm Tell me more, tell me more.

1:10pm Like did he have a carbon atom?

1:13pm I gotta hear this.

1:15pm Done and done

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