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The have been many restaurants that have appeared in the episodes of Lost. Some of these places are key features to the story line where characters have met or best parts of somebody's flashback.

Resturant Name Image Appearance & Description
1x08 Sawyer Con resturant
Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack

Main article: Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack
Seoul Gateway Hotel's lounge

Main article: Seoul Gateway Hotel
Dina's Coffee Shop

Main article: Dina's Coffee Shop
Chet's Thai Restaurant
Le Portail d'Arabie

Main article: Le Portail d'Arabie
  • Sayid meets Sami, also an Iraqi, who offers a job at his more prominent restaurant. ("Enter 77")
Keith's Diner

Main article: Keith's Diner
  • Kate and gave Diane Janssen, her mother, insurance forms for her house after she blew it up with her mother's husband inside. ("What Kate Did")
  • Sawyer met with Gordy talking about the long con of Cassidy ("The Long Con")
  • Diane Janssen was working when Kate met her in the bathroom with Cassidy's help. ("Left Behind")
The Fish and Fry
Die Mauer

Main article: Die Mauer
Rainbow Drive-In

Main article: Rainbow Drive-In
N/A (abandoned restaurant)
La Vida Tacos

Main article: La Vida Tacos
5x13 La Vida Tacos
Kashmir Curry

Main article: Kashmir Curry
5x14 Kashmir Curry
Kanpai Bar and Grill

Main article: Kanpai Bar and Grill
Keamy i make good eggs
Spanish Johnny's

Main article: Spanish Johnny's
6x12 Spanish Johnny's 1

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