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This article contains false information that does not officially belong to The Lost Experience or other Lost mythos.
Unlike fanon or parody, the material was created intentionally to cause confusion with information from official sources.
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This article is a confirmed hoax, purporting to be a post by the real Rachel Blake (of The Lost Experience). In the comments section, the user directing us to the new site is 'Rachel_blake', whereas in previous posts it has been 'Rachel Blake'. Speaker has confirmed this site to be fraudulent.

Text Transcript

First, I'm going to start off by saying that the reason I had to change blogs was because the Hanso Foundation stole my laptop. I came back from the Vik Institute and my laptop was gone! I have to assume the Hanso Foundation knows what I've been doing, and they know I've been getting word out, so I decided that perhaps I should switch blogger usernames just to be safe. With any luck, it'll take them quite some time to find this blog.

I'm lucky to be alive, I guess. I know I should be grateful for that, but I still can't believe I didn't do something while I was there.

You'll never believe where I've been. I've gone into the third sub-basement! I snuck in while the security guards changed shifts, and you're not going to believe what I saw. The mathematicians Zander mentioned were standing in front of a huge blackboard. Like Zander said, there was a long equation written out on the board, with strange symbols in it.

Well, see for yourself. I used a pen camera around the edge of the stairway, and I've hidden the shocking VIDEO somewhere on the web.

I hope you find it before the Hanso Foundation does.

Pray for me.

Good luck, and leave comments on the equation. Any mathematicians out there who recognize it? Anyone? Help?

Re: The Blog Change

I've been reading my comments to make sure people know about my new blog, and most of the feedback is good. Raechel, ms o, thanks for your support. But the rest of you...

Yeah, I suppose you guys are right. I could have just changed the password. Except I freaked. I went and bought a new laptop when I realized my old one was missing, and created a new blog right away, so in case my old blog was compromised, I'd have a place to post my videos. And get this... I can't log into my old one anymore. THF changed the password on me! That's it. The old one is done. This is the new place now. And Raechel, sorry, I can't give any hints for the second Iceland video. If I posted hints on here, anyone could find them. I can just say... remember, a porter is man's best friend.

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