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3x22 ben karl promotional
Karl pulls an injured Ben along, after being captured by the Losties in ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")  (promotional still).

The characters in Lost are often literally or symbolically forced to deal with imprisonment, both on-Island and in their pasts.

Literal imprisonment

The following characters have been shown off the Island literally behind bars or in custody.

Desmond-mini DesmondSouthway Garrison prison
Jack-mini JackLocal jail
Kate-mini KateCustody of U.S. Marshal
Sawyer-mini SawyerFederal prison
Sayid-mini SayidImprisoned during war
Interrogated by CIA
Hurley-mini Hurley L.A. County Jail
Richard-mini Richard Prison in Tenerife

The following list shows when any characters have literally been imprisoned.

Season 1

3X04 SawyerPrison
Sawyer in prison in ("Every Man for Himself")  (promotional still).

Season 2

Nathan tigerpit

Josh Randall as Nathan in 'The Other 48 Days'

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Symbolic imprisonment

Some may never be free of their pasts.

The Lost Experience

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