What Happened to the People Who Died in the Flash-sideways World

(Season 6 Spoilers Below)

Keamy, Mikhail and Omar died on the Island in the following ways:

1. Keamy was killed by Ben.

2. Mikhail was killed by a grenade he himself detonated, successfully killing Charlie.

3. Omar exploded, also by a grenade.

So, since they died in real life, on The Island, how could they also die in the afterlife if they are already dead? Here's a theory...or two.

Theory One. If they were killed On-Island, and escaped becoming the Whispers, before "dying" in the Flash-sideways world; they could have simply been reborn in the afterlife again, or the bodies in the mourge presumably disappeared.

Theory Two. If they did, in fact, become the Whispers, does that mean that, when Hurley took over as the leader, he somehow gave them some closeure. They lived in the Flash-sideways but, ater dying, simply became the Whispers again, due to events that happened in the afterlife.

Anyone have any other ideas?

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