God this needs a better synopsis. --SilvaStorm

Hmm... Yeah, it's a little spaghetti-like, I'd say. It's informative, yes, but it's written a bit... oddly. I'd volunteer to do cleanup, but I don't think I could really do a better job - at least, not without making it worse. My general writing and "episode transcription" skills aren't quite up to the challenge. --Shodan1138 01:32, 6 July 2006 (PDT)
Don't worry, it's better now than before. --SilvaStorm

Musical Theme

  • The score played over the journey to higher ground is a faster tempo'd version of the score use in Through The Looking Glass for the journey to the Radio Tower. I don't know if this is worth noting but I thought the connection was interesting given the distance between the episodes. Should this be added to the trivia section or something?

Shannon's translation

Incidentally, Shannon's decision to translate "Il les a tués" by "It killed them" is slightly odd. There is no equivalent to "it" in French. (Well, there's "ça", but that's complicated.) In French, objects are attributed a gender, and refered to either as "il" (he) or "elle" (she). When she heard Rousseau say "Il les a tués", Shannon had no way of knowing that Rousseau was refering to a thing (the monster), rather than a person. Shannon should logically have translated "Il les a tués" by "He killed them". But of course, that would have given incorrect information to viewers. ;) Aridd 04:17, 16 February 2008 (PST)

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