4x02 Pchute


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Parachutes have been shown as integral parts of several characters' histories. A parachute was first seen by the survivors on the Island as having been strapped to Nigerian drug smuggler Goldie. This parachute was found by Locke and Boone. ("Deus Ex Machina")

A parachute was later found attached to a periodic resupply drop, which allowed the supplies to presumably float safely down to the Island. It was later used by the survivors as a roof for their kitchen. ("Lockdown")

Naomi wore a parachute as she leapt out of her crashing helicopter. The parachute helped her land on the Island, though she ended up being caught in a tree, pierced by a branch through the lung. She was found by Desmond, Charlie, Jin, and Hurley, who cut her down from the tree, using the parachute as a net. ("Catch-22")

Later, Daniel Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte arrived on the Island by parachute, having leapt from a disabled helicopter in an electrical storm. ("Confirmed Dead")

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