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An artificial pacemaker.

A pacemaker is a medical device designed to regulate the beating of the heart. In normal medical practices, a pacemaker is used to assist in regulating the heartbeat of a patient whose heart has lost the ability to do so on its own. While on Hydra Island, however, Ben made Sawyer believe he had been given a modified pacemaker which would stop his heart from beating if it got over a certain rate. ("Every Man for Himself")

In Lost

The watch which corresponded with Sawyer's "pacemaker." ("Every Man for Himself")
  • In the episode "Numbers", it was revealed that Hurley's grandfather Tito Reyes had a pacemaker installed in him.
  • In the episode "Every Man for Himself", Sawyer was made to believe he had a pacemaker put in him. This turned out to be a con.
  • In the same episode, a bunny was also said to have a pacemaker, however, this was also a con. It had been given a sedative.

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