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The outrigger canoe that traveled with the Losties after the flash is the same one that eventually Sawyer, Kate, and Karl will use to escape Hydra Island.

  • The outrigger canoe that had people shooting at Sawyer and group that "popped" in during one of the time travel flashes contained people from the Black Rock. Some of the crew from Black Rock saw the Island and decided to take a closer look. The group with Sawyer time traveled at the the time the crew that went to check out the Island.
  • But the canoe traveled with them after the flash; it is now in a different time period than when they first found it.
  • The canoes are affiliated with those of the Ajira Airways.
  • The canoes are owned by the survivors of Flight 316. They initially had three of them, but the pilot (Frank) and a unknown woman took one and left. They used the remaining two to travel to the beach camp, which was completely deserted since all the survivors of 815 are time traveling. They eat all the food there and rummage through all the belongings. The Losties time travel to the year 2005 and see their camp half destroyed. They take one of the canoes, and whilst sailing the survivors of Flight 316 discover this and attempt to catch up with them. By then they have weapons and such to try shoot the Losties. Losties time travel again. This theory is also solidified by the fact that a Ajira Airways water bottle was in one of the canoes, Flight 316 was a Ajira Airways flight.
    • The Ajira bottle confirms that the canoes were used by Flight 316, but where did they come from? They certainly were not checked in as luggage.

Hydra OutRigger Use 2007 - Sequence of Events Clarification

  • There were three canoes when A316 landed. (Canoe distribution: 3-Hydra; 0-Main Island)
  • Sun & Lapidus took one canoe to the main island (Dharma Camp) and stayed there. (Canoe distribution: 2-Hydra; 1-Main Island)
  • FLocke & Linus took one of the two remaining canoes to the Dharma Camp, leaving the canoe moored by the one used by Sun & Lapidus (Canoe distribution: 1-Hydra; 2-Main Island)
  • Lapidus left the Barracks and arrived back on Hydra; he used an outrigger to do this. (Canoe distribution: 2-Hydra; 1-Main Island)
  • Sun, Locke and Linus leave for the temple. They do not use a canoe.(Canoe distribution: 2-Hydra; 1-Main Island Barracks)
  • Ilana & group (inc. Lapidus) took one of the remaining canoes to the Beach Camp (Canoe distribution: 1-Hydra; 2-Main Island : one at Barracks, one at Beach Camp)

NB After all Ilana's group had left Hydra and Reached the shore, the position of the outriggers were : Hydra, Barracks & Beach Camp.

  • MiB supplied an outrigger for Sawyer to travel to the Hydra & back where he met Zoe & Widmore.
  • MiB & Sayid take an outrigger to Hydra. MiB returns (presumably with the outrigger, but leaving Sayid on Hydra).