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Opet, or @thecruxansata, is the name of a Twitter account that has started sending out messages (or "tweets")

The account

The account posted cryptic messages and quotes with vague references to characters and elements of Lost. It started following other twitter accounts that had recently mentioned Lost.

The Twitter account description reads:

Name Opet


The profile picture is an ankh with the filename 11anst.jpg.


A picture of an ankh—Opet's profile picture on Twitter


(From oldest to newest. All times in 24 hour GMT/UTC. Crossed out messages have been deleted from the page. Key "Lost" words have been linked.)

Time (UTC) Message
[DELETED] I hold the key of life, I hold the key of the Nile, I hold the Crux Ansata.
20:45 May 18th I hold the key of life, I hold the key of the Nile.
[DELETED] @benvyle It begins at 16:30:05:19:09
20:59 May 18th @benvyle 16:30:05:19:09
21:05 May 18th .. - / -... . --. .. -. ... / - --- -- --- .-. .-. --- .--
08:04 May 19th There are many now, all with different claims, motives and beliefs. Remember, there is only one true way, but who you follow is your choice.
08:21 May 19th @elliottgraves @simeonhobbes @epithetalpha @FleurDeNoire @edmundloom When the time comes, whose yoke will you take upon you?
08:41 May 19th You think we cannot be stopped? Does Memnon not still sing?
09:25 May 19th ducem sequor
15:21 May 19th φοίνιξ 16:30:05:19:09
17:32 May 19th I've managed to do it. This marks the beginning of the end.
18:06 May 19th - --- -- --- .-. .-. --- .-- / -- --- .-. . / .-.. .. . ... / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -... . / . -..- .--. --- ... . -..
21:25 May 19th .-. . ...- . .- .-.. / - .... . / - .-. ..- - .... / .-- .. - .... / --. . -. . ... .. ... / ..--- --... / ....- -----
21:45 May 19th i TRUST hIS OMENS to HavE Been BegOtten of lieS. SEIL SEVARG TTOILLE

While @thecruxansata seems to be deleting some of his tweets not long after posting them, Twitter still indexes them. Searching for tweets by @thecruxansata using the search feature will show all of his tweets, whether they have been deleted or not.

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YouTube Video

"Osiris 27"


  • Opet is another name for the Egyptian goddess Taweret
  • The first morse code message is translated to "It Begins Tomorrow".
  • One of the messages posted by Opet is: "When the time comes, whose yoke will you take upon you?" According to Wikipedia: "Yoke" is a frequent metaphor in the Old Testament, first used in Genesis 27:40 regarding Esau. In the teachings of Jesus Christ, His followers are told to take His yoke upon them, for it is easy and light.
  • Memnon was a Egyptian statue. Wikipedia states that: In 27 BC, a large earthquake reportedly shattered the eastern colossus, collapsing it from the waist up and cracking the lower half. Following its rupture, the remaining lower half of this statue was then reputed to "sing" on various occasions- always within an hour or two of sunrise, usually right at dawn.
  • "Ducem sequor" is Latin and translates to "I Follow the Leader".
  • "φοίνιξ" is translated to "Phoenix" and it could be interpreted that 16:30:05:19:09 means 4:30 PM on May 19, 2009.
  • The YouTube video posted on the page "Osiris 27" constantly says "On the brink of nuclear war" and "The Valenzetti Equation". The voice saying the phrases is Alvar Hanso's.
  • The second morse code message translates to "Tomorrow more lies will be exposed".
  • In the "Osiris 27" video, 27 sound clips are played (counting the fragmented noises, and repeating sound clips.)
  • The third morse code message translates to "Reveal the truth with Genesis 27 40." Yet again another reference to Genesis 27:40, which concerns Jacob, and his enemy (his brother), Esau.
  • Crux Ansata is another name for the Ankh, "the key to the Nile" (mentioned in their first tweet) represents life and death, male and female, balance.

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