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Lost Video Podcast

October 3rd 2006

Running Length 15:50

This episode pre-hashes "A Tale of Two Cities".

This episode also introduced video podcasts for the first time - the name of the podcast was changed to the Official Lost Video Podcast temporarily, including the podcast art.

Podcast Description: LOST: Season 3, Podcast 1: Featuring Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

Promised by the Producers:

  • Season three will have more adventure and romance (as will the video podcasts).
  • The explanation behind Locke's paralysis and Jack's tattoos will be revealed.
  • Michael and Walt will return.

Questions asked:

Damon Lindelof's hat, showing the first public view of the logo from the Hydra

For the first time, there are video questions from the fans recorded at Comic-Con.

  • [Carolyn] - "Are there two factions of Others?" - Carlton claims there's nine factions of Others. While this is probably a joke, Lindelof confirms there is more than one faction in the Others.
  • [April] - Are the crashes on the Island a coincidence and, if not, was that planned from the beginning. - This question is avoided, instead the producers talk about a Scout Trooper in the background of the question.
  • [Christie] - "Are people not paying attention to the extra LOST projects (such as the Lost Experience) missing out?" - The producers say no, but people who are paying attention love the show more than you.
  • [Byron] - "Is Kate an Other?" - An answer was avoided due to the elongated question.
  • [Ed] - "Is there a zoological station on the Island?" - Damon says there's a clue in the podcast that confirms the zoological question. The clue is the Dharma logo on Damon's hat.
  • [Chelsea] - "What will happen to Walt?" - They say what happened to Michael and Walt was very compelling, but will not be addressed for some time on the show. Carlton promises Walt is fine.
  • [Karen] - "Have the fans had influence in who Kate gets with?" - Kate will pick who the character would pick and not based on who fans want.
  • [Katie] - "What was the light at the end of the last season? How can nobody find the Island again? What's the reason everyone is interconnected? What's with the Numbers?" - All questions are avoided.


Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse
  • Damon is seen holding his coffee cup.
  • There's a Dharma logo stitched onto Damon's hat.
    • This logo is of a previously unknown Hydra station (as revealed by Carlton around 12 minute mark.)
  • The podcast was recorded before Lost: A Tale of Survival aired.
  • Running gags from previous podcasts referenced: Carlton's cowboy hat, Damon's pants, and holding hands.
  • The Podcast is recorded in Damon Lindelof's office presumably in Building 23 of the Disney studio lot.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is being filmed across from Damon's office.
  • The homages to Charles Dickens are because he was an author of serialized stories accused of making things up as he went along, like the writers on Lost.
  • The title of "A Tale of Two Cities" refers to the crash survivors and the Others.
  • If they were Kate, Carlton would pick Sawyer and Damon would pick Jack.
  • The first part of Chelsea's question has been edited out, but the producers still answer it. The question asks when they will be in San Diego again.
  • Damon continues his jokes of things happening off screen during the recording of the podcasts by saying Carlton is rubbing his knee against his below the frame.
  • Words Carlton "made up" during the Podcast: Nothers (Combining words "numbers" and "others").

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