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May 9th, 2008

Sculpter Jim Van Houten talks about some of the work he does creating props and set elements for Lost. Runtime: 5:07.


  • Jim tells us that he makes scale models, working together with the art and construction people
  • Says he makes "alot of the organic things, the stuff that's woven with vines, or roots, or trees, or just stuff that you can't quite put your finget on"
  • Makes fake rocks, and weapons (which are made out of some type of urethane so that actors don't get hurt)
  • Shows how they made the DHARMA logos on the VW busses
  • Regarding the giant four toed foot, we learn that "Originaly this was a six toed foot, but it just looked like a foot with a bunch of toes, you couldn't tell that it had too many, so then we pulled it down to a four toed foot."
  • Also Jim says he actualy only made the foot about six feet tall, but through the magic of computers it was made to look twenty five to thirty feet tall
  • He makes a cryptic remark regarding the Temple:
"Hopefuly at the temple we'll find some more four toed feet people... or- or not."

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