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May 15, 2006

Running Length: 20:41

Podcast Description: Matthew Fox reveals the origins of his nickname and discussed his tattoos. Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse take fan questions and preview the episode "Three Minutes" (5/17/06).

Matthew Fox interview

  • When he was cast in Lost, they decided not to cover up his tattoos and instead make them a part of the story.
  • His nickname is Foxy, which was also his father's nickname.
  • To deal with long days on the set, sometimes people will sing "Happy Birthday" to someone when it's not their birthday.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

"?" rehash

  • The printout "might be coming back at some point."
  • The change in Eko and Locke's attitude towards pushing the button is important.
  • Darren Aronofsky was originally slated to direct the episode but had to drop out, and Deran Sarafian directed the episode instead.

"Three Minutes" prehash

  • Michael-centric episode.
  • We will see Walt, as the promos have shown.
  • The episode will help explain Michael's actions.

Fan questions

  • The last three people killed on the Island were women and had entered some sort of romantic relationship. Is there some kind of message here?
    • Damon and Carlton state that they weren't really trying to be moralistic. They later joke that yes, if you are a woman on the Island, and you even think about sex, you will be gut-shot.
  • Damon mockingly states that, when Locke and Eko enter the Pearl station, there was a "still burning" cigarette on the table. (This was a joke about the fan theories that someone had been in the station moments earlier. While there was indeed a cigarette, it appeared to have been discarded long before Locke and Eko arrived.)
  • Damon and Carlton appreciate that not many spoilers have been leaked about the show so far. For example, they were able to keep secret the fact that Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby. However, sometimes they will tease things that they know they can't possibly keep secret, like the fact that Desmond is returning in the season finale. The biggest spoilers often come from the "corporate halls" rather than from the production crew.
  • Damon claims that Geronimo Jackson "is a real band... There are only two albums that we know of, only one of which we've ever listened to... They are an obscure band who did most of their recording in the early 70's... There probably weren't many pressings because the band was not terribly successful." (This was in reference to the Lost Experience, parts of which included clips of music by, and/or mention of, the fictitious band.)

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