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May 14th, 2008

Kris White interviews Rebecca Mader, the actress who plays Charlotte. 7:11

Phone interview with Rebecca Mader

  • The part of Charlotte originally was American. Rebecca decided she could stand out by asking the producers if she could try the audition in both American and her own English accent. They liked the English accent and incorporated it into the character.
  • She finds it easy to switch between accents.
  • She wasn't a fan of the show before, but is now. She had seen the pilot, but wasn't able to keep up with the show due to traveling. She was planning on watching the DVDs eventually.
  • When she got the part, she finally got the DVDs and thought it was "mind blowingly" good.
  • She doesn't know much about the character, other than what's been filmed.
  • We'll learn a little bit more about her in the finale, enough to be "intriguing".
  • The best parts of being on the show for her are the great writing, not knowing her background story, the cast and crew, and the tomboyish aspect to the role.
  • She thinks the relationship between her character and Daniel is sweet, and the only time we get to see Charlotte's softer side.
  • She doesn't know whether or not Charlotte is manipulating Daniel, or what the future of their relationship will be.
  • Her hidden talents as an actress include flexibility; she once did a split on set.

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