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May 1st 2006

Running Length 23:21

Podcast Description: Josh Holloway discusses the reactions to Sawyer’s crushing a tree frog and Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss the upcoming episode "Two for the Road".

Podcast notes

  • The writers/producers like to "bring up members of the chorus" - in this case, Rose and Bernard's flashback was "long overdue".
  • Locke's crisis of faith will soon come to a head. His world has been turned upside down and he no longer knows what to believe in.
  • According to Carlton, "In the center of the map was a question mark, and that question mark was ... you know, obviously whoever drew the map was unclear as to what any details of this particular hatch were."

Fan questions

  • Question: Why has Rousseau been on the island 16 years, and not met an Other or found a hatch, whereas the Losties already have in their short stay?
  • Answer: She could be lying or just not to believed (as "a nut")
  • Question: By the look on Sun's face as she is looking away, it looks like the baby is not hers, any credence to this?
  • Answer: Looking away has cultural implications, but the paternity is still a mystery, which will be addressed later in the series.
  • Answer: "I'm confused, too."... never any reference to the Others being the same as the Monster, they are "separate, but equal, entitities".
  • Question: Why does the DHARMA menu sound like a kid's menu at a fast food place?
  • Answer: DHARMA is probably not up on current nutritional trends. Also, much of it could be "comfort food" for the button pushers.
  • Question: Is Libby in the background scene of the restaurant?
  • Answer: No. Also, Ben is not the janitor in the lightbulb-changing scene at SRMHI.


The "hashing" running gag began in this podcast.

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