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March 5th, 2007

Running Length: 19:32

Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim give us a behind the scenes look at the filming of "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead." The editor of the Official Lost magazine, Paul Terry, also joins us for some insight into Lost. Finally, take a listen to a clip from next week's episode, "Enter 77."

Things in this podcast:

  • The writing and production staff do not feature in this podcast.
  • Interview with Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, and Daniel Dae Kim about filming Tricia Tanaka is Dead.
    • It was hard getting Madison to hold the arm in her mouth the same way during different takes. They let her take the arm home beforehand to get used to it as a chew toy.
    • The actors all have a great relationship with each other. They enjoyed the scenes drinking beer and driving the van. Josh and Daniel snuck a real beer in for the DHARMA beer scene.
  • Interview with Paul Terry, editor of Lost: The Official Magazine.
    • The cast and staff of Lost are heavily involved in the magazine and give a lot of supporting materials.
    • Paul's favorite article was the behind the scenes look at Eko's encounter with the smoke monster.
    • Damon has said that at some point we will see more of Michael and Walt, but not necessarily this season.
    • Paul's favorite fan theories are that Desmond is in a repeating time loop, and that all of the character's fathers are part of a conspiracy.
    • Paul considers the two key episodes of the season so far to be Further Instructions (for Locke's vision quest) and Flashes Before Your Eyes, which was a fan favorite as well.
    • Next issue will come out April 10th and will include an interview with Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway, and a poster sized pull out blast door map.
  • Preview clip from Enter 77. Sayid and Locke discover Mikhail's house in the jungle. They see a satellite dish but Danielle says it's not the radio tower. They go to question him but Danielle says she avoids confrontations with other islanders and will meet them ahead when they are done.

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