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June 13th 2006


  • Interview with Harold Perrineau and Malcolm David Kelly
    • The two have bonded on and off screen
    • Harold taught Malcolm how to box
    • Malcolm kicked Harold's ass in laser tag
    • Malcolm wants to grow facial hair and be taller than Harold
    • Harold sucks at basketball
    • Harold knew they were going to take the boat a while before the finale
    • Harold gets sea sick
    • Everyone got sick on the raft
    • Harold referred to Tom as Zeke
    • Harold didn't know that Michael had been captured by the others until he was told he was going to kill Ana and Libby
    • A lot of "potty" humor on the set
    • There were two Vincents the second one appeared once because Madison went somewhere.
    • Harold mentions that Walt does have special powers
  • This podcast switches back to the original podcast identification picture, which does not feature Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

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