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January 23rd 2006

Running Length: 27:17

Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss "The Hunting Party", offer exclusive clues, and give a preview of the episode "Fire + Water" Also featured is Part II of an interview with actor Harold Perrineau, who plays Michael.

Harold Perrineau interview

  • He grew dreads for The Matrix.
  • Michael's backstory was not like he imagined it would be. He was surprised at how nice Michael has been and how bad his luck has been.
  • He doesn't know where Michael is headed.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

"The Hunting Party" rehash

  • Mr. Friendly is not his real name -- that's just how the producers refer to him internally.
  • The Walt story will be resolved this season.
  • We will get answers about what happened to Walt.
  • We will learn more about the Others this season.

"Fire + Water" prehash

  • Charlie flashback.
  • Damon and Carlton address Hurley's weight and say it will be explained in a future episode.
  • They tell easter egg hunters to look out for a sign on a building in London (presumably the Widmore Construction sign).

Fan questions

  • If Lost had been canceled in Season 1, how would you have ended the show?
    • This is often a problem for television shows.
    • Joop is first mentioned in this Podcast as a talking monkey who smokes a pipe and will explain the entire show in case of cancellation.
  • How come there were no teens on the plane?
    • Damon jokes that there are no teenagers in Australia.
  • Why do the peaches in Kate's flashback in "What Kate Did" say 2005?
    • This was not intentional. If the peaches did say 2005, then that was a prop error.
  • Why did the Monster kill the pilot but not Locke or Eko?
    • It is implied that their behavior and attitude somehow determines their fates.
  • In Hurley's airport flashback in "Exodus, Part 2," were the occurrences of the numbers intentional?
    • Yes, they were easter eggs.
  • Does the electromagnetism in the hatch have anything to do with how Locke can walk again?
    • No.
    • This season they will deal with what happens if the button doesn't get pushed.

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