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February 5, 2009

Running Length: 22:02

Podcast Description: Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse tease the return of Jin in "This Place Is Death" (2/11/09) and take fan questions.

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof rehash "The Little Prince"

  • The scene with Sawyer answer to the question on whether characters are going to experience each other and/or themselves in the past.
  • Locke isn’t really interested in changing what happened.
  • Sawyer didn’t shout out Kate as he watched her giving birth to Aaron 'cause “he just didn’t want her to drop the baby”.
  • Jin is unaware that he’s traveling through time because the ocean kind of is the ocean.
  • Damon jokes on a supposed animated spin off entitled 'Lost Tales' which will answer the question whether the fish underneath Jin is transported through time with him.
  • Damon wonders how Danielle Rousseau becomes the less cleaner and much crazier Danielle Rousseau we're used to know.

Prehash of "This Place Is Death"

  • Is it likely that we’re going to finally learn how Montand lost his arm.
    • "Once we find out where he lost it then perhaps they can find it again."
  • Montand is the one who plays the violin.
  • In the fan question session it is revealed that we "might be seeing the frozen donkey wheel again this week".

Fan questions

  • Did Rose and Bernard die in the flaming arrow attack?
    • They did not die in the flaming arrow attack
    • Damon thinks the question should actually be “where and when are Rose & Bernard?”
  • Desmond and Penny’s son Charlie is named after her father, who would be Charles Widmore, or Charlie Pace?
    • Charlie Pace would be a more reasonable assumption.
    • Damon says that this was revealed in a deleted scene, but it's not clear how serious he is.
  • What is the translation of the hieroglyphs found in the frozen donkey wheel cave?
    • The thing about hieroglyphs is they do not translate into actual words or sentences.
    • Their function is to setup a resurrection theme.
  • Where did Sawyer come up with the nickname Frogurt? And what does it mean?
    • Neil "Frogurt" is one of the [redshirts|socks] who owned a frozen yogurt stand back in the United States.
    • In "S.O.S." Hurley basically just says: “Everybody say 'No', even Frogurt, the guy who makes frozen yogurt”. So, they knew that there was a guy named Neil and he had a frozen yogurt stand. And so they just called him Frogurt.
    • Neil was featured in the mobisode The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt.
  • Who’s Benjamin Linus and how did he get into the position he is in?
    • Damon recapitulate all that is known about Ben, highlighting the gaps in information.
    • Is it possible that this season some of the missing gaps will start being filled.
  • There will ever be an answer to the mistery of the Hurley Bird?
    • Damon jokes saying there will be an answer at some point in Season 7.
  • Who is Jeremy Bellom?
    • That would be Jeremy Bentham.
    • He’s a famous philosopher as was John Locke.
    • We learn in the Season 4 finale that John Locke was using the name Jeremy Bentham for some reason.
      • We might be gonna learn how he ended up getting that name
      • However, we will not find out how he gets the name “Jeremy Bellom”.
  • Does Vincent know who Jacob is?
    • He might know who Jacob is but he is definitely not telling.

Next week

Running gags

  • 'Resurrection Land' theme park
  • 'Lost Tales', the animated spin-off
  • "softball for you"

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