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February 6, 2006

Running Length: 27:49

Podcast description: This installment features a special interview with actress Evangeline Lilly, who plays the alluring and enduring Kate. Plus, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss the long-awaited Sawyer episode, "The Long Con".

Evangeline Lilly interview

  • She was surprised she got the part for Lost because she had done twenty-something auditions, and the Lost audition was the only one where she didn't feel confident about her performance.
  • She talks about the difficulties of blocking the scene in "Collision" where Kate tells Sawyer to swallow the pill.
  • Regarding the Kate/Jack/Sawyer love triangle, she doesn't think it would be realistic for Kate to make a definitive choice anytime soon.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

"Fire + Water" rehash

  • Locke has emerged as a protector of Aaron.
  • Locke is becoming frustrated with his role on the Island, pushing the button in the hatch.
  • Damon and Carlton point out some Easter eggs:
    • Pink Floyd fans will recognize the building across the Thames in Charlie's flashback.
    • The same building has a Widmore Construction sign on it. "You'll hear more about the Widmore company in the future."
    • The drug smugglers' plane can be seen in Charlie's second dream right before the dove appears, but only in the HD version of the episode or on the Season 2 DVDs.

"The Long Con" prehash

  • Sawyer flashback.
  • There will be an interesting character cross in the flashback.
    • Character crosses are "not something that we do as Easter eggs but part of a larger mythology of Lost."

Fan questions

  • If he was on the Island, which Lost character would Damon be most like?
    • Damon relates to Jack and Locke the most.
  • Is there any connection between economist Adam Smith and Walt?
    • No.
  • How basically did you get from getting an idea from this TV show to writing episodes every week to be filmed?
    • There's some documentaries about the creation of the show on the Season 1 DVD.
  • When Mr. Friendly shouted for Alex in "The Hunting Party," could that be Danielle's daughter Alex?
    • Yes.
    • Also, Mr. Friendly isn't his real name.
  • Is Locke's boss from "Walkabout" and Hurley's boss from "Everybody Hates Hugo" the same person?
  • What happened to the caves?
    • The caves' role as a protective shelter has been replaced by the hatch.
  • In "Fire + Water," was there a black dove next to the white dove, or was that a shadow?
    • It was a shadow. The scene was meant to look like the painting from the beginning of the episode. The shadow makes it look like the dove is flying out of the painting.


  • This is also the podcast in which the many numerous Brokeback Mountain jokes happen.

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