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August 2, 2007

Running Length: 52:20

This is the audio from the Lost panel at Comic-Con 2007. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse answered questions from the audience.


  • Damon and Carlton had hoped to make the announcement of Harold Perrineau's return at the Comic-Con, but the announcement had been officially made the day before.
  • There will be both flashforwards and flashbacks in Season 4.
  • Damon and Carlton decline to answer whether or not Jack and Claire will find out that they are related.
  • Ben did get caught in Rousseau's trap by accident. Damon: "But we will be revealing exactly why Ben was headed across the island when he accidentally got caught."
  • After asked if Ben killed Henry Gale, Damon replied, "Killing is a very broad term... They had words."
  • Harold Perrineau made a surprise appearance. Damon and Carlton confirmed that he will be a regular cast member in Season 4, not just making a quick cameo.
  • Rachel Blake will probably not end up on the Island.
  • They hope to bring Nestor Carbonell back, but it may difficult, as he is currently working on another show.
  • In "Numbers," when Hurley saw someone fall off a building, that was not Locke.
  • Carlton: "It is our intention to get to Libby's story this year, and we think you will be very happy when we actually do finish that."
  • Carlton: "We would like to do Rousseau's flashback story, I'm not sure if we will do it this year or next year."
  • CV on the blast door map stands for Cerberus Vents, and the name Cerberus does refer to the Monster.
  • The Orchid Orientation film was introduced and shown to the Comic-Con audience. (Though the film is not included in this audio podcast.)

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