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April 9, 2009

Running Length: 19:32

Podcast Description: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse rehash "Dead Is Dead", prehash "Some Like It Hoth" (Wednesday, April 15th @ 9pm on ABC) and take fan questions.

Season 5 Finale

  • The season finale has been shot.
  • Jack Bender is the director.
  • It will be completely edited within two weeks.
  • The three main editors—Steve Semel, Mark Goldman, and Chris Nelson—all collaborate on the finale.
  • The final scene has been nicknamed "The Fork in the Outlet".

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof rehash "Dead Is Dead"

  • According to Damon, Lapidus and Sun weren't shacking up in DHARMAville, when Ben enters: they like each other just as friends. According to Carlton, they were.
  • Ben Linus has proven himself to be completely untrustworthy.
  • Are we to believe that Ben's never seen a resurrection before?
  • Is it possible that Locke was only mostly dead?
  • Damon does not know what lies in the shadow of the statue.

Prehash of "Some Like It Hoth"

  • The show needed just a little bit of fun.

Fan questions

  • Kate Austen's initials are K.A.; Roger Linus' are R.L. Put together: K.A.R.L. Does this mean that these two are going to give birth to Karl?
    • No.
  • Why did some items disappear and others didn't when individuals were shifting through time?
    • When the initial flash happened, if one was touching something or wearing clothes, whatever physically in contact with people, came with them.
  • If Jack had worked on Little Ben, would he become a different person, like a good guy?
    • It was always preordained that Jack would decline to do the surgery, and that that was part of the course of things, in the same way that Kate was destined to take young Ben to the Others.
    • The question of whether these events are kind of intrinsically a part of fate and destiny, or whether they are alterable is a question that the characters are now starting to really wrestle with.
  • The end of Lost will be heartwarming or heartbreaking?
    • They're going for heart stopping.
  • How exactly did Ben outgrow his need for glasses?
    • Ben has mild astigmatism and a certain amount of farsightedness, and his need for glasses is fairly minor.
  • If Damon and Carlton were ever to show up on Lost as characters, who would play them?
    • John Berel, who asked the question, thought about Ron Perlman as Carlton; and for Damon, "that guy Danny Gokey on American Idol, or maybe Crispin Glover!"
    • For Damon, Ted Danson would play Carlton.

Running gags

  • It's like Voltron... sort of like a giant robot editor.
  • Carlton hitting Damon with a rifle butt 'cause he doesn't know what lies in the shadow of the statue.
  • Boom!
  • The Bullet-Resistant Milk Carton!
  • A little fun injection.
  • Brevity or levity?
  • The guy mistanking Carlton for David Cross. And vice versa.

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