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Running Length: 23:54

Description: Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse chat about "One of Us" (4/11/07) and take fan questions. Josh Holloway explains why Daniel Dae Kim will never go fishing with him again.

Interviews with Daniel Dae Kim and Josh Holloway

  • Josh took Daniel on a fishing boat trip across the channel between islands in rough weather. Daniel hasn't gone fishing with him since.
  • Dominic Monaghan turned Daniel onto New York band "The Honorary Title".

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof discuss "Left Behind"

  • What kind of case did Locke make for Kate?
    • They change the question to when will we see Locke again. Answer: episode 19.
  • How much does Juliet know about the smoke monster?
    • Juliet has been shown to lie, so we shouldn't necessarily believe her when she says she doesn't know what it is.
  • Why did Juliet get left behind?
    • Either 1) Ben was tired of Juliet or 2) some other reason such as an unrevealed source of tension between them (stay tuned).

Prehash of "One of Us"

Fan questions

  • Why does season three look less cinematic than the first two seasons?
    • They joke about it but ultimately deny any difference in quality or camera equipment.
  • For flashback scenes that reoccur, do they reshoot the scene, insert the actors into old footage with tech, or already have the scenes shot ahead of time?
    • They both green screened the actors into the old footage, and also reshot some new footage.
  • Will we see Libby again this season?
    • We'll see her again, but they don't reveal when. Libby's story got put off to deal with the regular characters and Ana Lucia and Eko.
  • What's up with the erroneous date on the newspaper in the Sydney airport in "Exposé"?
    • They don't know and blame it on a prop error. Ultimately Gregg Nations is responsible for the timeline. The flight did take off on 9/22. ***Not true*** They never said it was a prop error. They gave possible explanations by mentioning the time zone difference and also that the newspaper could have been an evening addition, but they never said it was a prop error. They made a joke about it, but did not say that it was.
  • Why do Damon and Carl do the podcast instead of other producers or staff? What do their titles mean?
    • The hierarchy of writing staff goes: staff writer, story editor, excutive story editor, co-producer, producer, supervising producer, co-executive producer, executive producer. Not to be confused with the production producer and other non writing producers. Lost is more complicated to produce than most other shows.
  • Will Danielle Rousseau have a flashback?
    • Yes. But they find it amusing how little she claims to have experienced in 16 years on the Island.
  • Will we learn more about the DeGroots in the third or fourth season? Karen is/was hot.
    • Yes. They concur.

Next week

Running gags

  • Movie trailer voice
  • Lost island is off the coast of Portland
  • Producers hated by city of Tallahasee
  • "Don't make me play that banjo"
  • Damon's panties and not wearing pants

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