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April 25th, 2008

Set Decorator Carol Kelley shows us some of the sets used in filming the various sections of the freighter, talks a little bit about what it is that she and her co-workers do, and tells us just a little bit about how they do it. Runtime: 5:31


  • The exterior of the freighter filmed on an actual ship, but the interior of the freigher is all shot on fabricated sets.
  • They work hard to find a lot of real things to use in the sets, it's not all just fake stuff made for TV.
  • Almost everything in Lost is filmed in Hawaii.
  • They only have one hallway built for the freighter, and they just switch stuff around to make it look like a different hallway for each different hallway shot.
  • A notable quote regarding the Lost creators' awareness of their fans:
In fact our fan base is such that they keep us honest. We have learned - from watching the websites - that they will freeze-frame and zoom in; so in the past when you used to be able to get away with a lot of stuff in the background - we can't do that anymore." - Carol Kelley, Set Decorator

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