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©2006 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Oceanic 815" is an orchestral piece on the Season One soundtrack. It closes the first season.

Main appearance

Charlie and Sayid return to the beach with Aaron, and Claire and Shannon greet them. We see that Charlie is hiding one of the Virgin Mary statues of heroin.

In a flashback, the passengers board Flight 815. Charlie struggles to stow his guitar. A white passenger sees Sayid and scowls. Jin examines Mr. Paik's watch. Michael fastens Walt seat belt; Edward Mars fastens Kate's handcuffs. Boone hands Shannon her inhaler. Hurley boards last, late, and starts reading a comic book. Arzt helps Claire put her luggage away. Locke and Jack exchange a quick glance.

Back on the Island, Jack and Locke peer into the newly-opened hatch.

Full list of appearances

The first movement of "Oceanic 815" plays during the following scenes:

The motif blending the main and life and death themes plays during the following scenes:


The piece's first movement uses the main theme and its counterpoint. The main section blends the main theme with the life and death theme. It later moves into Locke's mystery theme. As the piece ends, the main mystery theme blends with the action conclusion.


The motif blending the main and life and death themes forms part of "Moving On", the piece that closes the series.

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