"Night Terrors"


"Night Terrors" is the 25th issue of Lost: The Official Magazine. It is a Dark Territory Special.

Regular Segments

By the Fire

Fear of the Dark

"Fear of the Dark"

Michael Emerson takes time out from his summer break to talk about Ben's traumatic experience of seeing Alex again, the powerhouse fifth season, and what is yet to come...

Radzinsky Revealed

The wonderful Eric Lange gives every Lost fan their dream: a look inside the man who brought Swan station Stuart to our screens...

Dark Territory

Towering Taweret

Seems like you all can't stop emailing about the statue - and everyone on Lost Magazine is obsessed with it too. Prepare for an exclusive look at how the goliath was created...

Enter: The Tunnels

How brave are you feeling? Fancy a descent into the heart of the island? Lost Production Designer Zack Grobler invites you to investigate the creepy tunnel systems...

Chamber of the Monster

We couldn't do a Dark Territory issue and not focus on the smoke monster, so prepare to enter the black cloud's mysterious chamber...

An Ancient Realm

Home to Jughead, we revisit the huge sets that were created for the fifth season's cavernous sequences...

Beyond the Hatch

The Comic-Con Finale

To celebrate what was an amazing Lost panel - and the last one ever - at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, our Beyond the Hatch investigations have taken over the entire New Transmissions news section this issue: enjoy the report...

The Others

From Editor to Lost Director

In an exclusive interview, Mark Goldman reveals his fascinating experience on the show, going from a long-time editor, to first-time director for the Sawyer and Juliet revelations that underpinned LaFleur...

Memento Mori

Captain's Log

For this issue, we revisit the sad but thrilling story arc of Captain Gault, the ill-fated soul who tried his best to help our castaways on the freighter...

Frequent Flyers

The Transceiver

A foreward by Lost Magazine's Editor and ABC Blogger, Paul Terry...

New Transmissions

Aside from our huge Comic-Con report, we've got even more exciting Lost-related news for you...

Voices from the Fuselage

Your theories, views, ideas and finale reactions from all over the world...

Unique Lost Posters

Tawaret and Jacob pin-ups? No problem: enjoy these exclusively created posters...

Black Box Flight Recorder

Exclusive script extracts from White Rabbit are yours to keep...


We've got some major exclusives for you in time for the Holiday season...

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