Nadia's photos


First introduced
Last seen
Owned by
Found by
Claire, who gave them to Sayid
Used by
Nadia's Photo

Nadia's photo ("Solitary")

Nadia's photos were given to Sayid by Nadia, when Sayid aided her escape from an Iraqi prison where she was imprisoned and interrogated by the Iraqi Republican Guard. On the Island the photos were initially discovered amongst the luggage by Claire, who then gave them to Sayid. ("Walkabout") While Sayid was Rousseau's prisoner, Danielle found the pictures and inquired about Nadia's fate. Sayid then replied that Nadia was dead and that it was because of him. ("Solitary") When Sayid escaped from Rousseau's camp, he left the pictures behind. They were later recovered by Sayid amongst the remains of Rousseau's camp when it blew up; the photos were partially burned. ("Numbers")


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