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Mitchell was a member of the DHARMA Initiative, he worked at the Motor Pool.

On the Island


When Jack, Kate, and Hurley were discussing Sayid in the cafeteria during breakfast, Mitchell was seen sitting at the back with Kurt and two female members. ("He's Our You")

Later, Mitchell was seen carrying tires at the Motor Pool at the background, before Miles and Hurley went to The Orchid, to deliver Alverez's body and lunch. ("Some Like It Hoth") On the next day, he walked in front of Jack, Kate and Faraday when they went to the Motor Pool for guns. ("The Variable")

He may have been killed along with other members of the DHARMA Initiative in the Purge, or he may have left the island sometime between 1977 and The Purge.


Mitchell's jumpsuit
  • Rudy, who portrayed Mitchell, also portrayed another DHARMA member who wore a grey jumpsuit. The member was presented at "the vote" to determine if Sayid should be executed, helped other members to put out the fire caused by young Ben ("He's Our You"), and presented during Horace's speech after the fire had been put out ("Whatever Happened, Happened"). Although the name that labeled on his jumpsuit was hard to determine, it can be assumed that it wasn't Mitchell, and the two were different characters.
Rudy in the Hydra Orientation film

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