McClain's Auctions is a filming location in Honolulu. It was formerly the Studio 1 Art Gallery. The building was seen in:

  1. 1x04 "Walkabout" The site of Melbourne Walkabout Tours
  2. 2x12 "Fire + Water" The site of the Brixton Tube station is the side access gate to McClain's on Nuuanu Ave.
  3. 3x08 "Flashes Before Your Eyes" The site of Eloise Hawking's jewelry store

McClain's is located at:
1 N King St
Honolulu, HI 96817

It is across King St. from the First Hawaiian Bank which is seen out the window behind Locke in "Walkabout" and across Nuuanu St. from Murphy's Bar and Grill seen down the alley behind Liam in "Fire + Water".

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