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Marjorie Mariano
Marjorie Mariano
NameMarjorie Mariano
Date of birthAge 41
Place of birthSão Paulo, Brazil
Character on LostBeth (survivor)
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Marjorie Mariano is a member of the Flight 815 survivor background cast of Lost; she plays an unnamed redshirt. But according to the original script, she had a single line, and her character was named Beth.


  • She is 41 year old.
  • She is a Brazilian actress & Portuguese speaker
  • She has worked on Godzilla, Bay Watch, The Big Bounce, 50 First Dates, My wife and Kids, The Break, Hawaii, North Shore and Rundown
  • Has lived in Hawaii since 1992
  • She used to own advertising agency in Florida, however because of 9/11 the company had to close
  • She has bodyboards & is a surfing instructor.
  • She's a model.
Mariano Josh
Marjorie with Josh Holloway

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  • [1] - "Lost Girl" Portuguese Interview

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