Maddox Aherin
NameMaddox Aherin
Date of birthMay 14, 2007 (age 10)
Place of birthUnknown
Character on LostAaron Littleton
Official Website
IMDbIMDb profile

Maddox with his mom Bonnie Rose at the reunion picnic for babies who played baby Aaron in season IV

[1] Picture of Maddox with his mom and dad and one of the other lost babies in front of the set trailer.

[2] Picture of Maddox with actor Henry Ian Cusick

Maddox "Max" Aherin was one of the oldest babies to play 'Aaron Littleton' during season 4 of ABC's 'Lost'.



  • Maddox weighed 8.6lbs and was 21 inches.
  • Also goes by the nickname of 'Max'.
  • Due to Maddox's ability to turn up his lip like Elvis, he got actor Josh Holloway to sing a little bit of the King for him.
  • Attended the reunion party with the 16 other babies that portrayed Aaron in season 4.

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